Friday, August 7, 2009



Since our previous proc-rec release from
Sascha Muller was very techno -based, I decided
to continue the dance sounds with another release
from the wonderful Qygen! :D

Already a househo0ld name to alot of proc-recians, Qygen
has quickly become a staple around here and has certainly
made a name for himself.
Quite honestly the BEST trance electronica that I
have ever heard (yep, i said it. ever), Qygen's
unique and precise sound has paved the way for
a whole new re-birth of undergeround hardcore trance
in the USA, a nation who has seemed to forget
the capabilities of true trance techno.

As I have said before, each new Qygen
(on this, he is akaPoint01) release
is something to celebrate and get very excited about.
The fact that someone out there is making
rich-sounding tracks like these while at the same time
willing to stay deep underground and shake up the scene
is truly an admirable quality for this guy.
Anyone can sit down at a computer and crank out some
really crappy hardcore techno tracks, filled to the
brim with no emotion or direction whatsoever.
However, it takes someone who loves what they do to
really make something meaningful, and Eric Johnson
does specifically that.

As an album, there are approximately thirteen tracks
with a total runtime of close to a full hour of sounds!!
my personal favorite tracks on this beast
are tracks two and five, though the entire album
is completely astounding in every way.

Eric, once again you've produced a very proc-worthy
album and I give you huge amounts of respect
and praise for laying down some very rough tunes.

Underground ravers unite!!!!!!!!!!!


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