Friday, August 21, 2009



recently, proc-records has been blessed with
a substantial amount of music , the majority of which
has been given to me by new artists, all found at various
points on the massive spinning globe we humbly call "earth".

Enter our newest artist, Mystic Hero.
Now, I admit that I am unfamiliar with the work
of this project.
However, the sound is very genuine and solid,
not to mention it reminds me very much like something
our fellow proc-rec artist, Toxic Chicken, would produce.
Ambient melodies are very prominent throughout
this ep, not to mention there are some rather uptempo
tracks found at various parts of this album.

While this album is relatively basic in many aspects,
the sound quality is rich, the volume is perfect, and
the pieces work great as stand-alone tracks
or grouped together in the manner with which we
currently have them on this ep (:

Fans of old-school sounding 8-bit electronica are
sure to be thoroughly pleased with this
brand new release from an artist who has definitely
caught my attention.
dont pass this one up
becuase it might be "game-over" for you!!!!

stay strong!!!!



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