Wednesday, December 30, 2009



despite the fact of how shitty 2009 was, the global
good-music scene was in full effect here at proc-records
and now, as we bring 2009 to a close, what better
way to do celebrate than by releasing some
splended low bit hardcore electronica from
none other than Toledo's own soundboy, splfk!!!

This is is Splfk's debut solo release with proc-rec
and boy howdy is it a good one!!
To give a little insight to just who this fella is..
Splfk is the musical alias of Rich N., a fellow Toledo resident
(as I am too) who not only produces quality music
on a regular basis, but also manages his own
fantastic net.label Splatterfunk, which has released some
notable people, which (of course) include RedSK, another
admirable sound artist in this underground scene.
Rich's work, which shares a striking resemblance to
early hardcore jungle and IDM, is incredably bassy, intense
and brutal, although welcoming enough to
allow anyone who has a glimmer of interest
in the genre a chance to re-acquaint themselves with
it's beauty and splendor.
(I mean...let's face it, we all know electronic music is the best
and requires the most amount of skill and talent)
lol, ok...I know that came off a little cocky, but it really IS true!
electronic music has come a long way over the years, and there
is a massive scene of talented people, flexing their
musical muscles by demonstrating their abilites for free.
welcome to the underground ;)
although, Probably my main reason for being
so excited about the release
of this album is the simple fact that I can rest a little
easier knowing that there are in fact people in my hometown
who care about this scene enough to do what they love.

Now,as I mentioned before, Rich's sound has somewhat
of an oldschool flavor to it. Similar in style to
the likes of Venetians Snares, Splfk is an alias which
sucessfully fuses styles like gabber, breakcore,
ambient,and hardcore techno, not to mention a little bit
of funk jazz melodic textures (like you'll hear on Intessa) in a way
that baffles the mind with his ease of doing so.
An introduction solo ep of this caliber is paramount to any label,
be it digital or physical. It just so happens that proc
has once again been fortunate enough to be in contact
with such talented and gifted individuals like Richard.

With music this strong and deep, it is difficult to explain in
too much detail about the specifics of each track.
Instead, I would encourage everyone reading this
document right now to STOP IMMEDIATELY
and direct your attention completely to the audio being given.
The high-replay value of this album is enough to make anyone's
new year just a little brighter ;)

without a second to spare, proc-records is pleased to
announce the debut solo release of a valued member to
our audio family...
for the music lovers everywhere...this one's for you ;)


Sunday, December 27, 2009



even with as chaotic and hecktic
as the holiday season is here in the States, I still
try to keep proc-records as active as possible
without it becoming to burdensome on my already
limited time.
fortunately, operating proc is nothing short of a labor
of love which allows me to be a part of something
exciting on this quickly falling netlabel scene.

now, please pay attention.
the fascinating sounds of jjoth are about to be
heard once more, although this time they are
found cased within the shell of a brand new
sub-alias called "nancylovesgerms".
While I'm unsure as to whether this alias will become his
primary name for beat-based material, it is still
a nice little addition to his already interesting catalog.

Encoded at a cbr of 8kbps, 8khz (an encoding quality from jjoth
which we have experienced on many delightful ocassions this
ep contains only one piece and has a runtime of roughly
eight minutes or so.
Even at this low low bitrate, nancylovesgerms is able
to retain an ample amount of sound.
While I wouldnt classify this track as "techno", the
beat structure and melody timing are what
one could expect from a traditional techno or house track.
However, it also does seem to have a large amount
of experimentalism running through it deeply.
Either way, genre's really aren't a concern for jjoth, and
they never have been!
a strong emphasis on sound and an even
stronger emphasis on originality is what I look forward
to the most from anything new by this subtle audio mastermind.

if you've been a fanboy of jjoth like me,
this refreshing new alias is something like a cool breeze
on a hot summer day.
I like it when people shake up the scene a little bit ;)
keep in mind, jjoth doesnt only release at proc-records.
He recently had a release on the fantastic microbit records
and also a little release on Love Torture records
back at [LTR236].

no time for reading, start downloading!!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009



one of the surest signs that the underground
demoscene is still not only active, but thriving as well
is a having a new release from army of 2600
(xenocats) to play at maximum volume in
small, jam packed venues....or through
speakers andheadphones (:
Nebraska's very own soundboy, and an internationally
recognized sound artist through the releasing
of his material at various audio outposts, mike's
reputable solo projects have become excellent
positive and progressive ways for people to come
together for a little while and enjoy some quality music.

proc has not seen a release from AO2600 in quite some time.
As a matter of fact, the first -and last- time the alias
appeared at proc-rec was on a split release he did
with...himself as xenocats on [proc195].
Combing the best things about his styles and putting
them all onto one album seemed to be a highly appropriate thing
to do, especially during these
reputation-damaging times when so few people
seem to take their work seriously.

Throughout this entire album, one
constant theme is found...true creativity
in the most experimental and original sense of meaning.
Premium vocal samples distorted to oblivion, grinding and
pulsating white-noise deteriorate the foundation
of these pieces while an equally pleasing
array of dark melodic textures join forces with 8-bit sounding
effects and drum sequences to lay a solid foundation
for the progression of the tracks.
Along with all of this, Mike's signature "distant" sound is
noticable and help provide a feeling of detachment from
the outside world.
In a place where so much confusion
and chaos exhists FOR REAL, I find it comforting to know that
one can retreat from such a painful and harsh
reality and retreat into an equally interesting and complex

hahaha, okay, I'm sure statement alone may have
been a little over a few peoples
heads, though I assure you,
such things are nothing to worry about.
At this time, the only thing you
should be thinking about
is how you are going to find reciepts
for all of the crappy cd's you bought
from best buy or target
over the years, now that you
have discovered the place
where real music and
art can be accessed.
With people like this guy around,
it's a wonder people
enjoy the new garbage coming out
on the radio on a daily basis.

without further ado, proc-rec
is pleased announce the re-semi-debut of Army Of 2600!!


Sunday, December 13, 2009




I honestly could have just let that phrase
be the entire review, because, as usual,
Qygen delivers nothing short of perfection with
this incredably brilliant and fascinating HARDCORE
album of straight-forward, delicious techno.
The man who brought you the (in my opinion)
album of the year titled "Enchanted"
has been generous enough to hit the scene once
again and simply GIVE away his music for
the global massive to download and enjoy!!

Qygen, who I have unfortunately only come to
know through the interweb for a little over a year or so
is one a true fella and truly embodies the qualities
which proc-records looks for in her artists...character!
Techno, like many other genre's, gets so watered down
by people who only feel the need to keep a steady
4/4 beat with little or no changes whatsoever
throughout the piece.
Qygen on the other hand understands the importance
of proper beat and melody manipulation, along with the
euphoric aural-manipulation capabilites it can have
when executed properly!
Just pick up any one of his handful of albums found
exclusively at proc-records
and you'll see (hear) exactly what I'm talking about.

At any rate, the title of this new LP is quite
fitting and describes this album perfectly.
Eric's sound pallet is also very fulfilling in the sense
that he can easily branch off into other forms
of electronica (even on the same album)
without the slightest hint of slowing down or
limiting the quality of his work.
While much of his music is rooted within the jungle
and trance aspects, he can just as easily
splice and dice any vocal sample or melody with
such greats like prefuse 73 or ventian snares.
looking for maybe a little but of ambient? it's on here.
8bit? some, yep!
well, how about turntablism?....(:

This album is quite a treat for the raver(s) on your xmas list
this year, and best of all, it's free!!!
Each of these pieces, complexingly simple as
they may be, are also highly remixable in nature and
will not disappoint you in the slightest, take my word for it.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Who's ready to party
underground rave style??? :D
If you downloaded this album, then odds are that
you've been searching the internet for a great
little lowbit acid techno ep.
My friend, you have located
such an album right now!

this ep is nothing more than a two track
split between me and the true king of underground
lowbit electronica, Microbit Project.
Evgenij has been involved with
music and the netlabel scene as a whole
for a while now.
He has had album after album on reputable
labels worldwide, some of which include noiseKoncept,
LTR, proc, Super 6, Intox Noize, and Pavillon36.
Not to mention still finding time to operate
one of the strongest lowbit netlabels I've ever
encountered, AND actively promoting other
labels in the lowbit style through his webzine lobit_ru.
Needless to say, he is a very very
busy man, and his presence is certainly
felt in various aspects of the music scene.
I on the other hand have been quite limited
in time to work on my own music these days, so
it was nice to be able to construct a little piece for this
split release.

This is pretty much just a straight-forward acid techno
ep made specifically for people to put on their
dancing shoes and dance the night away!
You are witnessing just a small amount
of what the underground has to offer!!!
Evgenij and I hope you enjoy this little
album as much as we do!!

stay strong!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 5, 2009



the next grand album featured
exclusively on proc comes from none other
than the fantastic electronic-country of
The artists this time around is named
Tim Aminov, and his 'Fragments' ep
is quite calming and soothing on many weary souls
during these stressful times.

Tim has been an active producer since the age
of 13, and over the course of his
teenage and adult years, he has managed to
produce many delightful tunes.On top of all this,
he has also been actively releasing music
on his netlabel "Miniral Records"!

Listening to Tim explain this album to me
was something which I feel many artists
have experienced before.
As it is, it was not his original intention to collect
these tracks and release them as an album.
Instead, these are tracks which were complete
or mostly complete and worked well
together on an album.
Much like a puzzel has pieces, these tracks were
used as pieces to a sound-puzzle, one which is
now essentially complete (:

As you listen to this album, it is easy to not only here,
but feel the emotion as well.
Emotion which runs deep and pierces the entire
Relying more upon rhythmic melody as opposed
to percussion as way to progress the pieces
further, Tim's eloquent approach
to classical electronica fusion is
impressive to say the least.
Giving the listener a sense of abandonment at time, these
tracks also provide a comfortable reminder that
although we may feel alone at times, there
is always someone there to be a part of our life
in very profound ways.
This album has a complete runtime of twenty-minutes
and has a total of eight tracks, arranged in fantastic
order and equalized for optimal enjoyment.

I could only hope to have more music from Tim in the
future, although I also know how difficult it can
be at times to produce music and run a label as well.
In any case, this album is a perfect companion for chilly
winter evenings, looking out of your window with a
fresh cup of coffee and watching the snow fall.


(the seventh track, Eyes is probably my favorite track
on this album!!)

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