Sunday, December 13, 2009




I honestly could have just let that phrase
be the entire review, because, as usual,
Qygen delivers nothing short of perfection with
this incredably brilliant and fascinating HARDCORE
album of straight-forward, delicious techno.
The man who brought you the (in my opinion)
album of the year titled "Enchanted"
has been generous enough to hit the scene once
again and simply GIVE away his music for
the global massive to download and enjoy!!

Qygen, who I have unfortunately only come to
know through the interweb for a little over a year or so
is one a true fella and truly embodies the qualities
which proc-records looks for in her artists...character!
Techno, like many other genre's, gets so watered down
by people who only feel the need to keep a steady
4/4 beat with little or no changes whatsoever
throughout the piece.
Qygen on the other hand understands the importance
of proper beat and melody manipulation, along with the
euphoric aural-manipulation capabilites it can have
when executed properly!
Just pick up any one of his handful of albums found
exclusively at proc-records
and you'll see (hear) exactly what I'm talking about.

At any rate, the title of this new LP is quite
fitting and describes this album perfectly.
Eric's sound pallet is also very fulfilling in the sense
that he can easily branch off into other forms
of electronica (even on the same album)
without the slightest hint of slowing down or
limiting the quality of his work.
While much of his music is rooted within the jungle
and trance aspects, he can just as easily
splice and dice any vocal sample or melody with
such greats like prefuse 73 or ventian snares.
looking for maybe a little but of ambient? it's on here.
8bit? some, yep!
well, how about turntablism?....(:

This album is quite a treat for the raver(s) on your xmas list
this year, and best of all, it's free!!!
Each of these pieces, complexingly simple as
they may be, are also highly remixable in nature and
will not disappoint you in the slightest, take my word for it.


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