Wednesday, April 29, 2009



another fine ep from neuroSampler
is what you have (probably) just downloaded.
As usual, he maintains a rather high level of
originality and is able to carry it throughout the
entire life of the album.

This ep is filled with highs and lows, in terms of rhythm
speed, and overall track genres.
For example, the opening track is fairly mellow, yet
has a minimal-tech/IDM sound to it, while tracks
like robolobster are much more spurratic and uptempo.

This whole album is much different than anything
I've come to expect from ns in the past.
He seems to use a much more varried
array of effects and melody segments
which help tie the very strong percussion
patterns together tightly and snug :D

This highly experimental and hardcore powerhouse
electronica anthem is a very nice addition to the proc-records
catalog and has quickly gained the spot
on my list of "favorite neurosampler album" :)

As always, I recommend checking out his other
works both here at proc and at other fine netlabels
on the scene!

Put this on your portable media player and you're good to go!!!!


Friday, April 24, 2009


well, this is truly a treat!!
it is exceedingly rare for proc-rec to have two
seperate releases from Static Bass this close
together, yet somehow...we manage find ourselves
placed in that very situation!!! :D

Since the very beginning of proc, Static Bass
has been tearing up our bandwidth
with truly pleasurable
audio, all of which holds a special
place in the hearts of many.
Now, although typically in past we recieved
little 2-track ep's from him, this
time Static has included an extra, hard-pounding
speaker-wrecking, dancefloor frenzied
track for us to enjoy!!

All three pieces are very unique and
slightly different in styles from one another, although
upon hearing them, the experienced proc-rec listener
would be able to identify the artist in a heatbeat
do to S.B.'s seemingly trademark sound.
However, while the two pieces seem closely related, the
third and final piece is very percusion driven and
EXTREMELY bass heavy.
(imho, it's the best piece on the ep)

The bottom line is that this album
is yet another reason to take a little time out of
your day and enjoy the finer things in free
music from Static Bass at proc-rec!! :D
Don't be greedy!!
Spread the word about this release with
anyone who you think might enjoy it as much as
we hope you do!


Thursday, April 23, 2009



shaking up the underground once again, Sascha Müller
has returned to the proc-rec scene, and with him
he has brought a solid 3-piece dancefloor
party anthem capable of getting the whole
house bumping!!! :D

Sascha's work as an electronic artist is highly expansive,
as he is able to cover a multitude of genre's with
such simplicity and strength.
Over the years, I have come to recognise him
as being one of the the most influential
artists in my life, due to his
conventional sound and dedication to
what he produces.
Within each second of audio, there is great attention
to detail, especially in tracks like the ones found on this
ep, which are very straight forward dancefloor
anthems that slowly change and progress
into a very micro-house electronic style.

For me to go into deep detail about his success in the
music scene would take alot of time, and I feel that
it would take away from focusing your attention on this release.
However, of all sascha's releases thus far here at proc, I feel that this
album certainly wins the crown :)
(his Soldier Force EP at Ear-Plus Records
is still my all time favorite from him)

proc-recods is once again pleased to announce the release
of yet ANOTHER amazing ep from a close friend
and strong supporter of the underground, Sascha Müller.
An instant party starter, no matter where you're at!!!

thanks again Sascha!

Sascha_Müller _-_Deep_Space

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



as far as duo's are concerned, a few in particular seem to
standout in my mind.
Autechre, Boards of Canada, Orbital and Daft punk are just a
few examples of sound projects that have combined
the unique thought processes of two
proc has been a label which has, thankfully, been fortunate
enough to regularly release albums from one of the
nicest duo projects in the underground today.

Mikhail Lezin and Evgenij V. Kharitonov, both of
whom hail from Russia recently sent over this
breathtaking avant-garde release
using their alias of Yoko Absorbing.
As is typical with most of their work, they regularly
are attempting something new and unique, making
every attempt to let their creativity flourish and thrive
by using un-inhibited methods of prodction and distribution :)
And, while they both also have very strong solo projects
on and off the music scene (poetry, visual art, label operating, etc),
their project as yoko absorbing have caught the
obvious attention of many people at proc-records.

I wont describe this album in very much detail, though
it deserves as much attention as you can give it.
I have found that it works best as a deep-listening
experience as opposed to simply letting it play
in the background.
As far as experimental albums go, this one
certainly climbs to the top and is sure to
quench the seemingly undying thirst of many
experimental fans on the music scene.

So, my friends, pull out your best headphones,
adjust the equalizer on your sound system (if it has one)
and make sure you can devote ample time to
some quality electronica.

this album has the proc-records seal of approval ;)


Sunday, April 19, 2009



What do you get when you combine a little bit of love, an equal
amount of danger, throw in an entire toxic chicken,
a computer, electricity, some mind altering substances,
a little bit more love, laughter, kids playing in a field,
a bumping sound system, no police, too many police, sunshine,
microphones, and a way to encode all of that into a playable
audio format?!?!?!??!
Thats right!!!!

This guy has been changing the face of the underground
in an immensly positive way with his quirky production
styles and unique view on life, music and the
combination of the two.
He has release here at proc on countless occasions, not
to mention places like dramacore AND 20kbps!!!!

This mix set, which has a runtime of roughly
twenty-one minutes is without a doubt
my all-time-favorite album from toxic chicken ANYWHERE.
It's such a strong album and has a rediculously
high replay value.
It's also small enough to fit on any portable media device
without taking up too much space at all!

Stylistically, it works well as a dancefloor album,
however, it also is great for just relaxing on a couch
with some headphones, soaking in all of the great
audio goodness that these times so desperately call out for.

I WOULD dare you to try to find a genre-comparable
album to this one, but that would just be a waste of your time.
Instead, give someone near you a high-5 or a hug,
and get ready to experience a form of happiness that
might be new to you.
trust me, it feels just like it should B)




Even Back in 2005 (which is when this album was made),
before I had any idea who Neurosampler was, he was
getting buay with making the rough music that
we here at proc have come to enjoy so much! :D

This ep, simply titled Layers is a nice
little downtempo album of some very rough and
laid-back experimental electronic hip-hop tracks.
with almost a futuristic sound, this album could be
considered of it's time in the sense that
not many people have caught on to this production style.
For instance, it's quite rare to hear a hip-hop or rap
album today that has this much reverb!
A quality that certainly gives the percussion an
interesting spin on things.

All four pieces are nice little instrumental breakdownjs,
and vocals could easily be added to
any of these tracks, most notably the third piece
which is just BEGGING to have someone
"spit some smack" all over it.
If you are someone who loves the underground, proc-rec
and has been looking for a good track or two to
try out your rapping skillz
(considering of course, that you're into that soort of thing),
you might want to give this great little ear-treat a try!

thanks again neurosampler!


Friday, April 17, 2009



as if a new release from Razxca was good enough,
we now have a brand new release from jjoth
to share as well!!!!

jjoth is another one of proc's long-time
members and has also released quite an impressive
array of varied sounds, both in low and high bitrates.
While he is also a genre-expansive artist, his true
nature lies deep withing dark textures and melodies, with a
strong focus on noise with a terror or apocolyptic theme.

Towards the end of last year we had heard most of his
audio in the form of higher bitrates.
And while I do enjoy all of his work, regardless of
the bitrate or encoding method, I prefer his lowbit
work to anything else he does.
I feel that it shows the true passion he puts into
his work, and the low fidelity sound is something
that really adds a distinct characteristic to his music,
almost his own signiture sound.

jjoth is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial components
to proc-records.
I feel that he truly embodies the goal and mindset that
the underground so desperately needs, and I always look
forward to hearning and recieving new material from him
to release here.

This might not particularly appeal to fans of IDM or minimal, but
I encourage such people to open their minds and understand
that all music is important, and that proc-records is here
for ALL electronic musicians to be themselves.

another quality release from yet another quality artist.

caution: the images found within this release
are disturbing, if you have a weak stomach please aware.




over the past few weeks, proc-records
was experiencing a little bit of "down time", due mostly
to life outside of music.
However, we are slowly getting back in action, and what better
way to celebrate our recovery than with another piano
piece from our main man, Razxca!!!

That's right people!
The Wonderfucl Mikhail has returned to proc-rec
in true excellence with yet another recorded set
of piano experimentation :D
Mikhail is an artist who, as you can obviously tell, likes
to push the envelope in terms of audio tinkering, always
taking a new and unique spin on an old concept and turning
it completely upside down.

Now, while this particular release is not
neccesarily something new or unique, it certainly
is soothing to the mind and is exactly the sort of thing
that proc-rec has needed for a while.
I thoroughly enjoy razxca's piano works, and
he has already performed several such pieces for
proc already!!

Mikhail takes his work seriously
and we appreciate his ability to expand his genre's
and open his mind to new concepts and idea's.
His work is truly timeless, and he has a sound for
almost any occasion.
I highly recommend that you dive deeeeep into this album
and to check out his previous piano works on proc-rec.
sure to satisfy!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 16, 2009



this is one hell of a noisy ass release!!
Iskazimoegopizdoboga is one of our
newer artists here, and this release, bases strongly
upon a noise-concept has quickly entered my mind
as being one of the most brutal noise ep's
to come around in quite a while.

its sharp textures, chopped and highly distorted
vocal patterens, joined together with a relatively fast
tempo and high volume give this ep
an interesting sound.
it also happens to be one of our shorter releases,
coming in at a total of three minutes
and thirty-seven seconds!

there really isnt too much to say about this album.
it's a simple, straight-forward noise ep
and it is a fantastic representation of this fellas sound/
if you want a great little quick noise download
with immediate action.....this ones for you! :D


Sunday, April 12, 2009



over the course of the past few years, and especially
since I've been operating proc-records, I have noticed
that Russia produces a stunning amount of sound-artists,
most of which are deeply rooted in the noise or
power electronics scene.
As time has gone on, my thoughts of this subject have
only been strengthened, due largely in part
to the massive amount of releases that
we have had from that great and vibrant country.

proc287, of course, is one such of those noise releases.
Alexandr N. Trapeznikov has been with
proc-records before.
His album evOlOve under his guise of Red DrugOn
was an interesting, heavily distorted harsh noise album
that was sure to satisfy the underground for quite a while.
He has since returned to our label and given us ANOTHER
album of crazy effects, vocal samples, lots of volume, and yes...
even distortion ;)

There are obvious differences between his alias of Red DrugOn
and this new one of Cyber Christ, though for sake of
continuity I wont dive too deep into that discussion.
What's important is the fact that you really pay attention
to what is taking place on this full-length album.
For all of the harshness and brutal sounds, there are just
many subtlties.
For example. Tracks like "the missing link" in particular
feature field recordings
of a woman talking while a pulsating wave of sound
punctuates the silence.

As with all noise releases, some people might be turned off
to it immediately, which is fine.
It takes a relatively keen ear to really appreciate
noise electronica and sometimes it requires the listener
to be in a particular mood or frame of mind.

incidently, this release can be found at proc exclusively,
and if you ever change your mind, feel free to download it and
share it witn your noise-loving friends :)

Russia has done it again!


Thursday, April 9, 2009



tale twist, the sound guy from overseas
has graciously given proc-records a great little two track EP
featuring two remixes he produced recently.

to get a better idea of the theme behind this
album, here is a little blurb from tale twist himeself...

"This ep is part of a series of remixes I have been
working on recently and I decided to share them with
those interested in that sort of tunes.
The first remix is from a well known MPB artist called Pixinguinha.
That tune actually featured in some adverts around here
in Brazil and it basically talks about some strange
reaction to a certain person, cause by love when she sees the loved one.
I made my own impression of this idea and acutally
gave a kind of dark mood to it, based on my own experiences
with “love”, nothing more than a quimical reaction interpretated by the brain
, some respond in a way and others in a totally different
way, and that’s the beauty of it. “
All you need is love”. More and more I am
not really sure about that, but....

The second track is my impression of Gregory’s poem titled “change”.
The guy is a sound artist and write beautifull pieces of texts
and he is well worth checking out. I played around with the notion
of change and that actually reflects what I have been going through
right now. And I believe I should always try to change
and make improvements to what I am doing
at the moment, so that poem actually made a lot of sense
to me and I decide to work on it.

Hope you enjoy.
Headphones are a must.
Thanks a lot for listenning to my music."

It should as no suprise to people who like Tale Twists work
that this album is special for alot of people on
personal and deeply emotional levels.
Tale Twist is an artist who seems to re-invent his sound
in very subtle ways.

This is a cool little album and it would be a shame for you
to happen to pass it up.
remixes are always fun to listen to.
they are, after an alternate take on
someone else's frame of thought.
Tale Twist's interesting spin of the two
tracks is in many ways breathtaking, yet essentially

a definite must-have.


Monday, April 6, 2009



I have said on many occasions that I am a huge
fan of noise audio.
Heck, proc-records has essentially evolved itself around
the concept of that very genre!
And, I have made every attempt to release to the world
only the finest noise audio around.
My friends, rest assured, I havent let you down!!

Our latest from release from one of our newer members
to the proc-rec family is certainly something that is quite
desireable for fans of noise to have on their hard-drive!
Genus Inkasso has released with us once before
and since that debut release, we have been patiently awaiting
his return!
This album was well worth the wait!!! :D

Genus's very un-conventional musical style and
sound make him a somewhat admirable character
on the scene.
His pieces tend to flow nicely from one track to the next
and have enough consistancy among themselves
to carry out a strong message or theme.
Not only that, Martin has teamed up with a friend of his!!!
operating under the alias of OneTooFreeFor,
these two people have put their minds together and created
some truly spectacular pieces :)

What's more, this album has been
encoded in the ever-so-lovely .ogg format!!!
For those of you who may be u n-aware of what ogg is,
it happens to quite possibly be the
best audio codec to encode sound files in due to its
ability to retain crucail sound elements even
at extremely low bitrates, which can really come in
handy when trying to save space on hard-drives.

Look, im not going to get too in-depth with describing this release.
the music simply speaks for itself.
If you're a fan of distortion, breaks, destroyed melody
and choppy samples, this album will be right up your alley! :D

dont miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!111


Wednesday, April 1, 2009




Thats right ladies and gentlemen!!
One of the truest hardcore gents on the scene
today has returned to proc-rec to completely
demolish your sound system with his brutally
hardcore dancefloor sounds!!!!
Kai Nobuko (aka toxic fucking chicken)
has given us a headbanging classic, perfect
for the metal-headed, rhythm loving massive!!!

This album, which makes up a grand total of 5
jam sessions is about as crazy and intense as the guy
who made it!!
Kai Nobuko is not yr typical sound musician, by any means.
He has dabbled in nearly every genre immaginable
in electronic music and has released on a handful
of strong, coherent lables worldwide, including of
course proc-rec and 4m@-records.
Not only that, he is one of the most
prolific artists ANYWHERE on the scene, producing
music at an astounding rate and even
doing finding time to work on his own
(seriously jawdropping) cover-art!!!

In each and every release from him, you can expect
two things.
First, originality.
He never does the same thing twice.
His unique mind is too advanced for
just average production methods and styles,
therefore, when left to his own devices, he is
able to almost create his own style of sound, or just
blow your mind by using an already highly used
style in a slightly different way.
The second thing you will find is his QUALITY of sound.
Nothing short of killer, kai (or toxic as i like to call him)
always presents himself in a strong-willed,
laid back and above all....positive way.
never fake, toxic always seems to
keep things "Real" and it certainly shows in
every bite of sound in his work.

This album is precisely the kind of rave-themed music
that I love to play at all times of the day.
theres just no reason NOT too!!
music is such a strong yet subtle force, and raves
are a great way to experience it in a whole new me ;)

so, bust out the glowsticks, pop some caffiene pills
(or drink coffee, whatever)
crank the fuck out of your volume
and let this puppy rip!!!!!


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