Sunday, April 19, 2009



What do you get when you combine a little bit of love, an equal
amount of danger, throw in an entire toxic chicken,
a computer, electricity, some mind altering substances,
a little bit more love, laughter, kids playing in a field,
a bumping sound system, no police, too many police, sunshine,
microphones, and a way to encode all of that into a playable
audio format?!?!?!??!
Thats right!!!!

This guy has been changing the face of the underground
in an immensly positive way with his quirky production
styles and unique view on life, music and the
combination of the two.
He has release here at proc on countless occasions, not
to mention places like dramacore AND 20kbps!!!!

This mix set, which has a runtime of roughly
twenty-one minutes is without a doubt
my all-time-favorite album from toxic chicken ANYWHERE.
It's such a strong album and has a rediculously
high replay value.
It's also small enough to fit on any portable media device
without taking up too much space at all!

Stylistically, it works well as a dancefloor album,
however, it also is great for just relaxing on a couch
with some headphones, soaking in all of the great
audio goodness that these times so desperately call out for.

I WOULD dare you to try to find a genre-comparable
album to this one, but that would just be a waste of your time.
Instead, give someone near you a high-5 or a hug,
and get ready to experience a form of happiness that
might be new to you.
trust me, it feels just like it should B)


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