Friday, April 17, 2009



as if a new release from Razxca was good enough,
we now have a brand new release from jjoth
to share as well!!!!

jjoth is another one of proc's long-time
members and has also released quite an impressive
array of varied sounds, both in low and high bitrates.
While he is also a genre-expansive artist, his true
nature lies deep withing dark textures and melodies, with a
strong focus on noise with a terror or apocolyptic theme.

Towards the end of last year we had heard most of his
audio in the form of higher bitrates.
And while I do enjoy all of his work, regardless of
the bitrate or encoding method, I prefer his lowbit
work to anything else he does.
I feel that it shows the true passion he puts into
his work, and the low fidelity sound is something
that really adds a distinct characteristic to his music,
almost his own signiture sound.

jjoth is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial components
to proc-records.
I feel that he truly embodies the goal and mindset that
the underground so desperately needs, and I always look
forward to hearning and recieving new material from him
to release here.

This might not particularly appeal to fans of IDM or minimal, but
I encourage such people to open their minds and understand
that all music is important, and that proc-records is here
for ALL electronic musicians to be themselves.

another quality release from yet another quality artist.

caution: the images found within this release
are disturbing, if you have a weak stomach please aware.


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