Sunday, April 12, 2009



over the course of the past few years, and especially
since I've been operating proc-records, I have noticed
that Russia produces a stunning amount of sound-artists,
most of which are deeply rooted in the noise or
power electronics scene.
As time has gone on, my thoughts of this subject have
only been strengthened, due largely in part
to the massive amount of releases that
we have had from that great and vibrant country.

proc287, of course, is one such of those noise releases.
Alexandr N. Trapeznikov has been with
proc-records before.
His album evOlOve under his guise of Red DrugOn
was an interesting, heavily distorted harsh noise album
that was sure to satisfy the underground for quite a while.
He has since returned to our label and given us ANOTHER
album of crazy effects, vocal samples, lots of volume, and yes...
even distortion ;)

There are obvious differences between his alias of Red DrugOn
and this new one of Cyber Christ, though for sake of
continuity I wont dive too deep into that discussion.
What's important is the fact that you really pay attention
to what is taking place on this full-length album.
For all of the harshness and brutal sounds, there are just
many subtlties.
For example. Tracks like "the missing link" in particular
feature field recordings
of a woman talking while a pulsating wave of sound
punctuates the silence.

As with all noise releases, some people might be turned off
to it immediately, which is fine.
It takes a relatively keen ear to really appreciate
noise electronica and sometimes it requires the listener
to be in a particular mood or frame of mind.

incidently, this release can be found at proc exclusively,
and if you ever change your mind, feel free to download it and
share it witn your noise-loving friends :)

Russia has done it again!


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