Monday, April 6, 2009



I have said on many occasions that I am a huge
fan of noise audio.
Heck, proc-records has essentially evolved itself around
the concept of that very genre!
And, I have made every attempt to release to the world
only the finest noise audio around.
My friends, rest assured, I havent let you down!!

Our latest from release from one of our newer members
to the proc-rec family is certainly something that is quite
desireable for fans of noise to have on their hard-drive!
Genus Inkasso has released with us once before
and since that debut release, we have been patiently awaiting
his return!
This album was well worth the wait!!! :D

Genus's very un-conventional musical style and
sound make him a somewhat admirable character
on the scene.
His pieces tend to flow nicely from one track to the next
and have enough consistancy among themselves
to carry out a strong message or theme.
Not only that, Martin has teamed up with a friend of his!!!
operating under the alias of OneTooFreeFor,
these two people have put their minds together and created
some truly spectacular pieces :)

What's more, this album has been
encoded in the ever-so-lovely .ogg format!!!
For those of you who may be u n-aware of what ogg is,
it happens to quite possibly be the
best audio codec to encode sound files in due to its
ability to retain crucail sound elements even
at extremely low bitrates, which can really come in
handy when trying to save space on hard-drives.

Look, im not going to get too in-depth with describing this release.
the music simply speaks for itself.
If you're a fan of distortion, breaks, destroyed melody
and choppy samples, this album will be right up your alley! :D

dont miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!111


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