Wednesday, April 1, 2009




Thats right ladies and gentlemen!!
One of the truest hardcore gents on the scene
today has returned to proc-rec to completely
demolish your sound system with his brutally
hardcore dancefloor sounds!!!!
Kai Nobuko (aka toxic fucking chicken)
has given us a headbanging classic, perfect
for the metal-headed, rhythm loving massive!!!

This album, which makes up a grand total of 5
jam sessions is about as crazy and intense as the guy
who made it!!
Kai Nobuko is not yr typical sound musician, by any means.
He has dabbled in nearly every genre immaginable
in electronic music and has released on a handful
of strong, coherent lables worldwide, including of
course proc-rec and 4m@-records.
Not only that, he is one of the most
prolific artists ANYWHERE on the scene, producing
music at an astounding rate and even
doing finding time to work on his own
(seriously jawdropping) cover-art!!!

In each and every release from him, you can expect
two things.
First, originality.
He never does the same thing twice.
His unique mind is too advanced for
just average production methods and styles,
therefore, when left to his own devices, he is
able to almost create his own style of sound, or just
blow your mind by using an already highly used
style in a slightly different way.
The second thing you will find is his QUALITY of sound.
Nothing short of killer, kai (or toxic as i like to call him)
always presents himself in a strong-willed,
laid back and above all....positive way.
never fake, toxic always seems to
keep things "Real" and it certainly shows in
every bite of sound in his work.

This album is precisely the kind of rave-themed music
that I love to play at all times of the day.
theres just no reason NOT too!!
music is such a strong yet subtle force, and raves
are a great way to experience it in a whole new me ;)

so, bust out the glowsticks, pop some caffiene pills
(or drink coffee, whatever)
crank the fuck out of your volume
and let this puppy rip!!!!!


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