Monday, March 30, 2009



i know i've said this before...but if you haven't
realised it by now, you never will.
you should really make proc-rec your primary
GLOBAL source for premium audio consuming.
there really aren't too many other alternatives
out there (with regards to TFN, LTR, HN, HPR, 20kbps, etc)
who can offer what we do.
(can't a guy brag a little??)

But seriously, take this album for example!
given to me by Cannibal Gluttoness (aka VWT),
this ep showcases some truly fucking crazy ass noise.
Even with the opening piece, which also happens to be
one of the finest opening pieces to a noise
album ive heard, you can instantly tell that this is
an artist who genuinely loves what he does, and it shows.
the rest of the album, with its spectacular arrangment of tracks
and even more remarkable sound quality,
(big up to the ogg format), continues with its
very dark and mysterious theme and relentlessly destroys
any feeling of comfort or security that you may have had.

granted, that may not be exactly what you were looking for in an
album at that particular moment...but this
is by no means your typical artist or album (thankfully!)
dont get me wrong...i fully appreciate calm, soothing, mellow audio.
but alot can be said for a good ol' in-your-face
sound barrage.
locked and it is :D


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