Tuesday, March 10, 2009



netlabels recieve alot of criticism for not contributing
much to the music scene.
Too often, netlables are overlooked and disregarded
by people who prefer to spend $14+ an
over-produced, over-marketed, EXTREMELY over-hyped,
and yes, even over-rated cd by so-called
record producers who have allowed money to line their pockets
and generic, meaningless garbage to layer the airwaves.
To them, netlabels are just something that people who
have no hope of becoming "sucessfull" can rely upon
to release their music.
well you know what? fuck them!
you know why?? because YOU have
proc-records, and proc-records has
a brand new release from none other
than RedSK and teh soup rebellion.

For the people who may not know who these guys are,
I suggest you school yourself and check out [proc263]
to get a better understanding.
Or, since you've just downloaded THIIIIIIS, sit down
put strap on some headphones and pay close attention!!
Yes, I said headphones.
The main reason why I recommend using that
instead of speakers (at least for the first few hundred listens)
is because there is soooooooooo much taking
place in their music that often times you
might miss something the first time you hear it.
This *FUCKING INCREDABLE* noise release pretty much
sums up some of the best half-hours of noise that
one person can handle.
Samples from various other tracks are peppered
in at not-so-random points during this set and
add a very distinct and natural sound to this ep.
Whats more, this album has been mastered and equalized
to perfection, so that everything you would want or need
to hear IS heard.

Originally released on cdr, this album has been offered to
proc-records by these two fine ARTists, and proc-rec
has graciously accepted the EP to underground in
an effort to help solidify our place in the netlabel
My friends, do yourself a favor and give this release
the devout attention that it so justly deserves.
I can assure you that you will not be disapointed in any way
(unless, of course, you are too hard-headed to appreciate
music with a meaning)

without another second wasted, proc-records
is pleased to offer the WORLD...


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