Wednesday, March 11, 2009



proc271 is yet ANOTHER nice album
straight from the great country of Russia.
operating under the alias of Red DrugOn,
Alexandr N. Trapeznikov crafts up some
pretty nifty beats in a rather unusual style.

evOlOve is a very experimental album.
On it are a total of ten tracks which range in
length from one-minute to as long as nineteen
minutes and thirty seconds!
The pieces also cover a pretty wide
variety of sounds, ranging from harsh noise to
heavily distorted rhythm tracks.
Tracks like trek04, for example, open with
a very subtle sound effect with a cool
speaker fluctuation, whereas
tracks like trek08 are somewhat more
ambient or landscape.
At the begining and closing of this album, there
is also a track which consists of nothing
more than a solid minute of absolute silence,
soemthing that I thought was pretty cool :)

This is my first exposure to Alexandr's
music, and this is also a very promising album.
After doing a bit of researsh, it seems as though
he doesnt really have a whole lot more music released
for us to enjoy, although this album is
one that I'm sure fans of extreme experimental
audio will appreciate for quite some time.


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