Wednesday, March 4, 2009



ah yes kids, after much anticipation, a classic and critical
component to the proc-rec crew has finally once again provided
us with some audio-input for the underground massive
to enjoy as thoroughly as possible!!
Thats right, JosstinTimberlake (aka JT, among other variations)
has manned the sound system once more in an attempt
the unite and untie the minds of his global fans, found quite
honestly in nearly every corner of the globe.

In true lowbit fasion, JT's sound is as remakable as ever.
this glorious ep of 16kbps music flows beautifully from one
piece to the next, and even with the mono encoding, a tremendous
amount of full-flavored sound has been retained.
quite similar to some of his older releases, this mini-rave anthem
is lacking absolutely nothing in terms of hard-as-fuck soiunds, even
that lovely lovely bass :D
Tracks like fnuk, sheeba, oops and fester are instant dancefloor
and rave classix, while other tracks like
the rest of the pieces provide quite substantial backbone
for which the album to stand with.

Bar none, This is a great album for anyone looking to kick a
local empty-warehouse rave party into full throttle.
Sure to please everyone in the area, proc-records
is pleased to announce the latest and greatest release
from an old-school proc-rec soundboy!!! :D


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