Tuesday, March 24, 2009



drone, experimental audio, and especially noise
are primarily what proc-records focuses its
musical direction upon.
We feature artists from all over the world who
share similar values and asipirations that we
do and strive to make the label as welcoming as
Now, one such artist, frequently operating under his
alias of neuroSampler has returned to the proc-rec
scene and given us a twenty-minute glimpse
of some highly experimental audio.

The album is titled radioOUT and is comprised
of two pieces, each revolving around a very glitch-drone
atmosphere, yet deeply rooted in an ambient
and harsh noise atmosphere.
The first track certainly seems to fit the genre
of glitch-noise with its spurratic clicking, choppy effects,
subtle background textures and somewhat
quieter volume, something very rare in the noise field.
--noise doesnt necessarily need alot of volume
to send a message ;) --
The second piece, which is also the titled track, sound much
more like a traditional field recording.
This happens to be my personal favorite track on this ep.
It is an excellent way to bring this album to an end.

neuroSampler always delivers 100% quality
with his work, and his production methods,
interesting as they are, really make his work stand out
among many other noise-icians on the scene today.

Exactly twenty releases later, proc-records is proud
to release yet another wonderful album from our good
and trusted friend from overseas...


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