Wednesday, March 25, 2009



astral vomit's success in the underground
continues to grow, as his presence on countless
netlabels is found and heard.
This of course is certainly true around proc-records.
Just to name a few of the labels he's been on...
LTR, TFN, STS, Amduscias Rec, kitty on fire,
and even 20kbps!!!
Not only is he a highly active producer, he somehow manages
to find time to operate a few labels of his own!
One of them being End Of Music, and the
other, hn (which also happens to be one of my
all-time personal favorite netlabels).
However, because of his relatively busy schedual, we dont
have the privelage of hearing or releasing his
work as often as we would like to, and so that is why this
album is such a treat!

Astral Vomit's work is VERY deeply rooted in
the extremely harsh noise aspect of sound,
and nearly all of his work submitted here has been
encoded in a relatively high bitrate with a mono finish.
Not only is that one of his trademark styles, it also
gives his work an interesting raw and finished sound.

It should be noted that this album is brutally loud, and therefore
i recommend keeping the volume low at first and adjusting
it accordingly until you find a comfortable volume.
Also, these three gorgeous pieces are in .wav format and
therfore will not play directly on most portable media platforms.
A minor setback for such a quality piece of destructed sound ;)

if you are a newcomer to the sound of Astral Vomit, this is
a good place to start, though he has a tremendous amount
of work released already.
His sound is quite complex and chilliing.
Perfect for cold nights with a beer sitting next to a fire.

this is a true proc-records release.

Instant sm:)e


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