Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dirk Lienig hasnt released on proc-records
in a very long time.
His last release with us was before [proc200] and that was
back in 2008.
Now, as if our minds had been read, Dirk is
finally back at proc-rec with a brand new
release chock full of ambient/electronic minimalism!!! :)

Okay, so here's the lowdown about this little gem...
two tracks.
Both of them are just under 5 minutes a piece.
Encoded at 320kbps mp3....
....and both.....veeeeeery nice ;)

The ep opens with the track "Isolated".
an almost chaotic droning melody swallows
up every second of silence with its almost
hypnotic nature.
The percussion used in this piece is also quite nice.
the classic, winning combo of kicks, snares
and high-hats is always good.
There are some subtle changes that take place during
this tracks life, though I recommend headphones
to hear for yourself.

The other half of this ep is titled "The Library".
A fitting title for this track, it is a simple
drum sequence layered on top of a very calm
and soothing background melody which
seems to fade back and fourth from speaker to speaker.
As the track progresses, the sounds of what
appear to be a choir(?) slowly make their way into the track
and add an extra level of "spookyness" to
the track.

Simply said, this is Dirk Lienig being Dirk Lienig.
He is a highly talented man who is also obviously
quite gifted in sound creation, and I commend
him for not only creating such a dark, mysterious
and (of course) cool album, but for also letting proc-rec
host it for folks world-wide to download.

If you're looking for a good ep to play on a walk
during a chilly evening, take this with you ;)


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