Friday, March 27, 2009



at the heart of every good label there are
a few artists who really convey or embody
the particular direction or facet of sound that
the label wishes to be.
for proc, static bass is another one of those
crucial artists who provides a solid foundation
with which we are able to stand and build upon.
Static Bass has been with proc-rec since the earliest
stages of our development.
Even before proc had formed, I was an avid listener
and admirer of Static's work for labels like 20kbps
and Abulia Concepts.
Since our first release from him back in
2007 (eargasms, [proc014]) he has been
highly fluent in his production.

For a while, all we had really recieved from him were
small 2-track ep's.
These were fine, simply because it satisfied our appetite
for this fellows work, while at the same time
kept us wanting more
and more
and more
and more!!!
Now, we have a bangin' 4-piece ep of solid
dancefloor anthems which are sure to get any
area party in motion with the greatest of ease.

To me, this ep sounds like a return to Static Bass's classic
music style. Through the use of highly hypnotic
acid lines, solid rhythm and plenty of that bass
that my ears have been craving, he has
re-invented himself as a true acid sound artist, capable
of creating premium quality rave-hits!! :D

There really isnt much else to say about this album.
As I've said before, its a great rave starter or
dancefloor shaker, and certainly happens to be
some of the finest techno that I've come across in a while.
Or maybe it's just because im so excited
to have something new from him.
who knows?
all I know is that proc-rec is a better place with
static bass on the scene...and after hearing this
ep, your ears will surely thank you.

bust out the glow sticks and toss on your dancing shoes, folks!
its time to jam the night away 8)


p.s. check out his album "bicycle day" [proc077].
its my personal favorite from him ;)

right on.

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