Sunday, March 22, 2009



Now it is time to announce an album which
has been waiting to be released at proc-records
for quite a while.
Direct from Russia, our good friend Razxca
has compiled over 5 hours of his best and personal
favorite material, all on one massive release!!! :)

that's right.
Razxca is back!
it has been a while since we have heard
from Mikhail here at proc-rec.
However, he has still been remarkably
active on the scene with his production.
He has recently released an ep on 4m@-records
and continues to pop up on various other netlabels,
making some of the nicest noise around!

As I mentioned previously, this album of over
five hours long is a giant compilation of past
Razxca releases, most of which were found on and have been removed due to the
release of this album.
Genres found on this album range from
razxca's trademark-very harsh noise!!
and also features harsh drone, chillingly dark ambient,
harsh rhythmic noise and even a few vocal
tracks can be found at various points.
This is the true album for any Razxca fanatic to have!!!

Razxca is one of the rare artists found in this world
today (which is why we can find him at proc-rec!!)
who cares about what he does and
understands that "music" can go beyond the normal
and become something beautiful, beyond normal comprehension.
Don't let the large download size scare you away!!!
Mikhail's presence here on proc has been of great
importance and which each one of his releases
I am able to hear a musician who is boundless
and free-spirited, never ceasing and always amazing.
The wait for this album was definitely worth-while.

please join me in celebrating this
one-in-a-million album from a true proc-rec master!


p.s. The ID3 tags have been left undone
due to software conflicts on my part.
Please leave the titles intact.
Do not alter them.

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