Monday, March 16, 2009



thats what proc-records is ALL abiout.
regardless of the bitrate.
regardless of the electronic genre.
regardless of the nationality, sex, gender, race, age!!!
music knows no language or bounds.
it is here for people to enjoy.
offensive or not, people have a right to make
their art however they wish to, and proc-records has
always been determined in releasing music which
is as unique and true as possible.
this astonishing piece of ambient brilliance,
(I want every person with hears who is listening to this
album to understand...) is PRECISELY why I love
music (and this artist's sound) so much.

Die Society Die is the alias of none other than Mike Drever,
who is a fellow producer (obviously)
and label-head (Dustin Must Die).
He has been around the scene for quite a while, and
is not a stranger to the proc-records catalog.
His past albums have all featured a very
dark theme, nearly apocolyptic and always
thorougly enjoyable!
On The Sea Is Our Grave, DSD takes
us deeper into his realm of mind-blowing ambiene and
chilling landscape textures.
Much like being stranded alone out at sea, this
ep, when played in ample conditions
(i.e. lights off, headphones, full attention/no distractions)
can really leave a fearful feeling on your soul.

As I mentioned just a moment ago, this album
requires your full attention, and deservedly so!
I highly recommend waiting until you have nothing
that requires your immediate attention and nothing
taking place around you before you dive into this
truly epic album.
You've got a half hour to devote to quality, dont ya?? ;)

look, you probably have the .zip downloaded already!
so, quit reading this and let the aural pleasure commence!!!


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