Monday, March 2, 2009



proc-records prides itself on being one of the strongest noise
labels around the scene today.
Our vastly coherent world-wide pool of talent
has been the foundation of our success, in addition to the
wonderful dedication of our listeners AND supporters.
Such events and recognition are what drew our newest
member of the proc-rec family to us.

Earth Incubator is just ONE of Alexandr Kibanov's many musical
and artistic aliases which he has used.
Also known as BBDWAH, Headless Kamikaze, and Illnathix
Alexandr's apparent interest and respect for noise
audio runs deep in his soul (thankfully) :D

A relatively unique ep, sexual noise is a prime
example of experimental audio manipulation straight
from a country who is well known for noise-audio.
The volume is loud, the sounds are raw and
uncomfortable, the tempo is un-recognizable and the
effects are off the chart
At the moment, there aren't too many releases from
Earth Incubator available, although I sincerely hope that
our new Russian friend will become an active
participator of this label's efforts to release only the finest
music around.
After hearing this release, my belief in Russia being the
most crucial element of the noise-scene
today is only strengthend.

Earth Incubator has introduced himself in a very proper way,
and if we can expect more material like this from him
in the future, theres no telling just how much stronger
proc-records can become!!!



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