Friday, February 27, 2009



I will be the first to admit that I genuinely enjoy having
time to myself, quite often in fact.
There are times when I need to step away from
all of the activity in the world around me and re-energize
myself through brief meditation, enjoying a cup of coffee,
and of course, making and listening to music that
fits my mood.
I designed proc-records to be as unique, original and diverse
as possible and by doing so, it has allowed
the musical genre to flourish and really take shape
into something quite pleasant.

Pollux is an artist who has been with proc-records
for a few months already and has really demonstrated
his uncanny knack for making very calming, soothing and
exceedingly mood-heavy music.
His past releases have had some truly unique melody
sequences and didnt always rely upon ear-shattering
walls of noise to get his point across
(although, I am a HUGE fan of ear-shattering walls of noise).
This small ep is apparently heavily influenced by
creating a very strange and somewhat un-familiar atmosphere,
yet still retaining qualities of something enjoyed as a young child.
Happier days, maybe?

All in all, Pollux has returned to proc-records in a very proper way.
This strong release is just another reason why music is
such an important part of life.
Let the sounds cover your soul and mind, just be sure
to let others enjoy the trip as well!!

thanks pollux!


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