Monday, February 9, 2009


+----------------------------------------------------------+ you know how sometimes you're sitting around,
trying to think of something to listen to?
You go through your seemingly endless list of mp3 albums
on your hard-drive, only to find the same ol' jams
that you've heard thousands of times before!
Granted, there are ALOT of great ep's and full length
albums out there that deserve to be heard a few thousand times
more, but sometimes nothing quite seems to be appropriate.

Thankfully, proc-records has just the solution!
Str8 off the fucking Toledo scene is a pair of gentlemen who
are by no means strangers to the underground electronic scene.
this is, however, the first actual release from them here on proc
and because of that, I am utterly pleased to present
this breathtaking album to the electronic loving massive!

Eleven tracks long and having a total runtime of
Thirty minutes and fourteen seconds, this EP, which is
full of fantastic Toledo-grown flavor, features both guys
doing what they do best....making some killer fucking tracks!!

The first portion of the EP is done by Rich (Splfk).
With a heavily influenced breakcore, dnb, and IDM-ish sound, Rich 's
tracks feature wonderful samples, deeeeeeeeep bass,
perfectly executed percussion and remarkably strong melodies.
The second portion, performed by Robotic Joe, is equally
as intense and strong as Rich's, and is also a spectacular display of talent
from another artist who has done a fantastic job
of providing a proper introduction.

In my honest and heartfelt opinion, this is precisely what
underground breakcore should be.
In many ways, I feel that this particular field of electronic music has become
exceedingly watered-down artists
who honestly don't care about quality.
Having said that, I would highly recommend to
anyone who is new to the scene
and is interested in either becoming more familiar with this
particular sound, or who might be interested in creating
their own tracks of this nature, to use this EP as their blueprint.
It is a perfect representation of true dedication to sound!

Without further delay, I welcome you to enjoy the newest
release to proc-records, by two of our newest members of the
proc-rec family...


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