Friday, February 20, 2009



Many many many releases ago, proc-records
introduced for the first time ever in it's catalog, an ep
from the one and only hertz canary.
I have played that ep seemingly countless times, and have
enjoyed it thoroughly each time.
since then, proc-records has released
a few other ep's from from hzca, and has also had
the profound pleasure of having hzca released on
a few compilations!
Now, after all that time, we FINALLY have something new
to present to the underground world from the
prodigal electronic music scenester!! :)

Available only at proc-rec, this release is a live jam session
by hertz canary and was performed entirely in milky tracker!
Just shy of one-half hour, this supremely accurate variable lowbitrate
ogg sound file packs one serious punch!
Crazy vocal samples are used at random points in this mix, while
a pleasant drum sequence (accompanied by a plentiful
amount of bassssss)
keeps the piece moving in the right direction.
And, with the low bitrate being so prominent, the piece
has a terrific low-fidelity sound.
PERFECT for all you lowbit-headz out there ;)
Whats more, this mix sounds great on almost all of the
sound-systems that I've played it on!!!
So, to all you DJ's out there looking for something interesting to
toss into your mix-sets, this ep makes an excellent companion!!!

It has been entirely too long since proc-rec last heard from hertz canary,
and I know I speak for everyone who appreciates
the audio that this great musician releases when I say that
this certainly makes up for lost time ;)

alex....thank you!!
great shit!!! :D


also, check out hertz canary's killlllller fucking label, abulia concepts...

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