Wednesday, February 25, 2009



Well, this has certainly been quite an amazing
year for proc-records so far.
the continuous string of solid as hell releases
from talented people in nearly every corner
of the planet never ceases to slow down
or take a break.
The pop-music world wont stop burdening our
eyes, ears and minds with their constant bullshit,
so day by day, proc-records strives to be a more
dominant force in the underground.
A safe-haven for intelligent ARTists, and a place
where quality is not only's expected.

which is why [proc264] is so important.
GAAD, a long-time proc-records family member,
has come back to release another harsh-noise ep.
But, I dont think harsh is a descriptive enough word
to really do this album justice.
Quite honestly, the music speaks for itself.
An un-relentless barrage of intensly granulated
and heavily distorted white-noise fills in every single moment
of silence while choppy, screaming, ear-piercing sine
waves provide the proper balance of new-school and old-school
noise flavor :D
just shy of a full half-hour by only a handful of seconds, this
ep just goes to show that noise is truly an art, regardless of
what anyone else may tell you.

With GAAD as a member of proc-records, this label
has a strong and vibrant foundation to build upon.
His releases are always meaningful and convey a strong
message about just how crazy things in todays
global society really are.

Broaden your musical horizens
(or simply update your GAAD catalog),
but whatever you do, don't miss out on
ANYTHING this guy has released.


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