Monday, February 2, 2009



for fans of jjoth, this has certainly been a great
past few months to really get some fantastic new
releases from this cool artist!

What is even cooler is the fact that we have been getting to
hear jjoth's work in a much different form, that of high bitrates!
Unlike much of the previous work, this release features six different
tracks, all of which are encoded at 320kbps, mp3!

These pieces all pretty much start out the same, though
as the tracks progress and take on their various forms, they
soon develop into something quite different.
Pure, harsh, solid walls of granulated noise and squeeling
sine waves erupting from the speakers
are what you can expect from this LP
(and trust me, there is plenty of it!!!)

As an artist myself, I have alot of respect for what jjoth is
doing here on the noise scene.
Unwilling to compromise his sound to fit comfortably
within society's "normal", jjoth has, on EVERY release,
brought something completely new, original, compelling
and interesting to the underground.

And so, with nothing else to say, I now wish to let you
enjoy this release for yourself.
If you enjoy noise as much as I do, you are sure to
find a track on here that really tugs at your emotions and
leaves a lasting impression on your mind.
For me, that track happens to be the final (and longest)
piece on here.

Without another second to waste, here it is...


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