Thursday, January 29, 2009



Deep in the heart of the underground, a few handfulls of netlabels
can be found thriving due to the remarkably vibrant
sounds of quality artists, all with one goal and common focus...
to make some great fucking music and not worry about
the commercial aspect of the scene.

On EVERY-SINGLE-RELEASE from Mr.Dee, I have found
a true minimalistic genious hard at work.
His great knack for composing perfectly rhythmic beat sequences
and doing it in such a manner that maintains interest is a highly
commendable feat indeed!
In my own experience, I have found minimal tech-house
rather difficult to effectively produce.
Sometimes my tracks turn out far too long and repetitve
or they may end up too brief and lacking crucial
elements like some strong pads or leads.

Mr.Dee, however, is quite the opposite.
It would seem that he has little trouble whatsoever with
producing great micro-jams (or remixing them, for that matter!!!)
This EP features three pieces (one original track and two remixes).
All three tracks were produced by Mr.Dee, although the third
piece was remixed under his alias of T.P. Indicator.
This ep is nice to listen to when chilling with a fresh cup of coffee
after a long day of work, or just trying to get a party started properly!!

Since the newcommer to Mr.Dee will probably want to hear more
from this truly amazing artist, we recommend downloading
some of his previous releases both here at proc-rec, or even at
countless other netlabels, some of which include
Rus Zud, Reamp3 Underground, Floppy Swap, 20kbps (BIG UP BIG UP!!!)
and LTR, just to name a few!!!

start the download.
the pleasure will be immediate :)


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