Tuesday, January 27, 2009



okay, so now January is coming to a close, and already we have
had a TON of amazing music released here, including
a fucking AMAZING compilation release
with tracks from a bunch of artists scattered allll over this
gigantic planet that we call Earth.

I have very strong feelings about proper
experimentation of audio.
It helps to really try to push the envelope with music
and create something unique.
However, these days (except of course at proc-rec) it can be
very difficult to try to find such original music.
Thankfully, one of our newer members to the
proc-rec family, Toxic Chicken has been kind and generous
enough to consistantly submit amazing music!!

[proc253] is anything BUT normal.
Toxic Chicken's unique production style is quite
unlike anything that I have come across in many years.
In some ways, his music has a classic underground techno sound,
tracing his influences back to the early days of electronica, when
EVERYTHING was experimental.
However, his very forward-thinking production styles
allow him to combine aspects of both "old school" and "new school"
techno, and really produce some wonderful music.
This album is one of particular interest to me.
I feel that it really touches on getting back to some basic elements
of Techno by keeping things simple.
A few vocal samples and other speech elements
are found, while the sound system rumbles with
a perpetually hypnotizing 4/4 drum sequence
and some nice (and again, simple) melodies.
All of those aspects are then given further
flavor with the addition of that lovely lowbit encoding, giving
it an extra nice touch through a low-fidelity sound.

all in all, this is a great ep for virtually ANY party
and also makes a great companion when going on long trips,
walking or nearly anything else.
it would be a shame for you to pass this one up!!!
give it a try!!
it has the proc-records seal of approval....

...which means it's gooooood ;)



jonbro said...

this release is amazing. I want the toxic chicken boxset please.

proc-rec said...

dude, he seriously makes some amazing music

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