Sunday, January 11, 2009



being a both a musician and a label operator, i find it
easier to review someone else's work as opposed to mine.
On the other hand, this is a pretty straight-forward release
and requires little description at all.

A while back, upon hearing a release by Basinski Drone Corps
(aka overthruster) which was based around the concept
of taking a single loop and allowing the listener to
play it for as long as they desire, i became
intrigued by the simplicity of the (probably worn out) concept
and began to work on my own pieces, which i dubbed as the
"Transient" series.

Thus far only 1 of the three has been released, and all of which
will be found at one time or another at the wonderful
abulia concepts netlabel.
(there is even a video for one of the tracks, check it out at...)

To be precise, this is actually Transient IV, though I have decided
to keep this seperate from the others due to its rather uptempo sound.
While it is a rather simple piece, I feel it has an ample
amount of depth and meaning, and it reflects various
aspects and periods of strong emotions.
With the transient releases, I followed a strict set of rules.
They are as follows...
1.the album could not be any larger than two megs.
2. all tracks had to be encoded in .ogg format
and had to have a bitrate of 12kbps,8khz mono.
3.the pieces could not have a begining and end.
(i.e. they must be loopable segments)

for portability reasons, i have encoded this into mp3 format
(which is another reason why I have left this apart from
the transient series.)
i encourage anyone who downloads this to keep it on repeat
for a while and do their best to absorb the track in it's entirety.

when will love end?
...Hopefully, Never


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