Wednesday, January 28, 2009



first impressions to people are crucial, and no matter what
you think, you only get ONE chance at a first impression.
With music, however, there are many many exceptions
to that rule, and there are many times when an artist or artists
can revamp their image or style and later become a more dominating
force on the music scene.
Of course, if you happen to get it right the first time....
whats the difference? ;)

Earlier this week, while checking my email (like I do every morning), I
came across an email from a gentleman named João Ricardo who
seemed very interested in having something released on proc-rec.
I followed a link which he inlcuded with his email that allowed me to
hear some of his music.
To say that I was simply "impressed" would be a severe understatement.

The guy's music is remarkably complex on so many
levels, yet it has many basic creative elements found
throughout it's fourty-two minute runtime.
His tracks have a tendency to jump around alot, stylistically,
and just as you may seem to begin to follow one type of
rhythm pattern, he soon switches up the style or texture, taking
you someplace else entirely!

In many ways, his music is quite similar to that of Xenocatz
(a fellow proc-rec artist)
though he also sounds alot like mid or early autechre vs. venetian snares.
These, of course, are just rudimentary refferences and may
not exactly be what you had been thinking of.
In any case, this brilliantly executed ep has strange and wonderful twists
around every corner.
The pieces are very concise, solid, and seem to have been mastered
quite well.
I also noticed that the bass notes seem to be very nicely done.
By that I mean that it does a good job of filling your speakers
with that lovely deep "woom woooooom woom woom woooom" and
isn't so overbearing that it drownes out the other things happening
at that point during the track.

This is Mr. Ricardo's very first release with us, and I certainly
hope that it won't be his last!
Great music like this deserves to be played as
frequently as loud as possible!!

my friends, give it up for proc-rec's newest release!!!!


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