Friday, January 16, 2009



nearly one-hundred releases have passed since proc-records last
saw "Sick To The Back Teeth", and even then it was only
on the compilation release taking place at that time, [proc150].
Since he first debuted with proc-rec, I have had profound
respect for this gentleman's capabilities as a sound artist.
complex sounds arranged in what seem to be no
particular order slowly fuze together and form impressive
pieces of sound.

[proc248] is Sick To The Back Teeth's very first
non-compilation with us, and because of this special
event, I am honored to have such an amazing oppurtunity
like this to review some wonderfully remixed material.

Taking source audio of various tracks from artists like
Sonic Youth and Skullflower, STTBT has truly done something
impressive on this ep.
Though I am vaguely familiar with the artists, I am not
quite familiar with their work.
Hence, these pieces are difficult for me to compare with
the originals.
HOWEVER, knowing the strength of STTBT in sound,
I can honestly say that these versions
are much more enjoyable!
The rich textures and spurratic explosive effects which saturate the
four tracks that make up this ep are simply astounding and
breathtaking, and even at a bitrate of 192kbps, these tracks
have a slight lo-fi sound to them which is something
that I find especially enjoyable!

Sick To The Back Teeth is one of those rare artists who constantly
re-invents himself on each and every sound experiment.
proc-records doesnt here from him often. Nevertheless, when I do, I
can be assured that FULL quality will be found.

proc-records is proud to be your prime source for fucked up sounds,
and when it comes to an artist who can deliver 100% time after
time after time, one needs to look no further than
Sick to the Back Teeth :)

without further delay...
proc-records is pleased to release....


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