Thursday, January 1, 2009



Without a doubt, Yoko Absorbing is one of the busiest
sound projects that we have seen here at proc-rec.
many, many quality releases varying in lengths and styles,
featured on a few of our compilations, and still has time to
release on other labels while remaing highly productive
for future releases.
Upon their request, I was asked to postpone the
release of this album until the new year, so I decided
to make it the very first release of 2009!

What can you expect to hear from this album??
Very nice ambient/noise fused with granulated melodic
The majority of these pieces seem to have at least
some sort of rhythm to them, which works
suprisingly well with the heavy distortion, loud static
and gorgeous melodies that fill your speakers!
Each track is unique from one another and are
easily distinctive from each other.
The title piece, which also happens to be the final piece,
was eloquently produced and has a fantastic sound
and feel to it.
a very calming melody and rhythm section are
spread out over bursts of heavy-noise,
spuraticly placed in various sections of the piece.

The bottom line, this is a release that will not let you down.
If you are a fan of Yoko Absorbing, noise, or simply
just craving some great music, I welcome you to download ...


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