Wednesday, January 14, 2009



2009 is finally here, and with it's coming I try to look
for new oppurtunities to progress proc-records
even further into the realm of quality sound distribution.
This , of course, is precisely what you can expect from both
Sascha Mueller and our newest member of the proc-rec
family, eVADE.

Sascha Mueller needs no introduction whatsoever.
He is one of the most active artists on the scene today and
has had countless digital and physical releases
at over a dozen other labels, including several here at
Without a doubt, Sascha is one of my all-time favorite artists.
He is capable of producing sounds from nearly every
genre of electronic audio imaginable and does so with the greatest
of ease.
As I mentioned a moment ago, this is also the very first release
here at proc-rec that features the artist eVADE.
eVADE also has a very impressive catalog of releases, many
of which can be found at sascha's labels
(for example, Pharmacom Records and Super 6)
plus some notable output on the glorious 20kbps records.

On this release, we find Sascha and eVADE working
side by side to create some truly splendid audio, all done
With acoustic improvisation from eVADE joined with
Sascha's own unique electronic audio composing, this
piece demonstrates two brilliant minds at work, doing what
they do best...making some great music!! :D
Also, as if simply having an audio piece wasnt enough,
they were also kind enough to include an audio/visual
version of this piece as well!
The Picture quality is very nice and it really is a nice treat
to see both gentlemen in action.

It is my hope that Sascha will continue to play such a crucial
and active roll here at proc-rec.
However, I also hope that this isn't the last that we
hear from eVADE!!!
The presence of both of them is truly appreciated and strongly felt!

get out your own equipment and jam along!!!


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