Tuesday, January 6, 2009



a recent computer virus has caused proc-records
to temporarily become less-active than usual.
however, I wont let something like that slow me down.
As a result, I have had to find other internet connections
to disseminate the work sent to me until I can reconfigure
my machine.
On this new release, proc-rec is putting out some debut (to us, anyway)
material from an artist known to many people as Pollux.

Pollux has apparently been on the music scene
for quite a while. with releases already on a few
other netlabels, he makes his first appearance on proc-records
with this nice little ep, titled Impulse.
This ep, which runs under 15 minutes, covers a multitude
of genres which range from hardcore rave-ish jungle
sounds (Contamination, Zero, Absurd, Volt), ambient textures (Without)
and even some IDM stuff (Drugs)!!
This ep also has high encoding properties (192kbps,MP3),
which seems to have almost become the "Industry Standard" in
many instances.

Pollux's debut release on proc-records has definitely
left a lasting impression.
It is nice to see someone who can be so diverse in sound
and who can accomplish it in such a way that it doesnt
become dull or un-interesting.
Introduction releases are crucial to the proper development
of a fan-base, and with Pollux here at proc-rec, it is
a winning combination :D

Some truly stellar music all the way from across the globe...
proc-records is pleased to announce the release of...


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