Sunday, January 30, 2011



every label, big or small, has at least
one artist which fully identifies
with the label's general interests.
a certain individual or group project
which takes it upon themselves
to perfectly exemplify what the label
hopes to achieve.
Lucas Messier, aka VWT/Cryovolcano
has been an active lowbit cat on the
netlabel scene, releasing his wonderful
albums at places which coincide with
his ideals and values which he holds true.

On his newest release, which
proc was fortunate
enough to obtain when another
label seemed to show little interest, Lucas
(The Museum Of Vengeful Gods), fully
embraces the harsh noise genre
by brutally refusing to follow
any sort of structure, rhyme or reason.
Letting his emotions run rampid through
the use of heavy distortion, he
gracefully captures a prime moment
in underground noise.

Now, noise is a tricky genre to do well.
Yet, I consider it to be one of the
most influential movements in musical
composition since jazz, a style which
in my opinion are very strongly
the most important thing that noise
needs to maintain productivity
and interest is modulation.
without it, the piece is nothing!
So many artists forget such a crucial
thing as this, yet Lucas is more than willing
to do throughout his tracks.

Lucas has a variety of aliases, almost all
of which thrive on lowbit, and use ogg
as their shell.
He is internationally known and
globally respected, and with his presence
on proc over the past few years, he has
quite honestly propelled us into a much
higher echelon of netlabel.
always staying underground, never compromising
our morals. this is what proc is about.
and ARTists like Lucas are what keeps me going.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011



voyaging once again, deeply within the
trenches of the underground,
consistency nature breaks forth
and opens our minds to yet another
shining example of what it means
to release music on proc.

I truly feel terrible.
time these days has been
quite short, and as a result I've have
to burn the candle at both ends on
many occasions.
as a result, the output at proc has suffered,
and it just so happens to be at a time
when the music has been
exceptionally strong and meaningful,
heavy-laden with passion and sentiment.
CN's newest release is at the epicentre of
such feelings of expression.

"Landscape" could be a proper eponym for
the general feel and
guise of this album, though it certainly
is much more than that.
expressing his deepest emotions
within the context of ambient audio,
CN places us right into the center of a
newly constructed musical universe, building
up new sounds while slowly deteriorating
old ones, generating a completely
new album as the piece progresses.
The album is (in my opinion)
two seperate entities.
Upon reaching
the 25 minute mark,
it slowly changes
into a more experimental
piece, using more
noise-influenced aspects
such as droning textures of
melody and distorted bursts of

It certainly won't be for everyone, your
parents or girlfriend (for example), but
for those of us out there who are
lucky enough to appreciate and enjoy fine
work like this, we have one final
Christmas present to open and
enjoy again and again!!!!!

give it the attention it deserves, put
on those headphones!!!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011



people could learn alot
from my pal Andy Culver,
or "culvre", as the he has been
operating under for the past decade+ .
I say this because as I sit
here, just home from work, drinking a beer
and trying to unwind from yet another
day devoted to earning a
paycheck as opposed to brushing
up on my musical skills, I try
to wrap my mind around the sheer skill
and expertise he applies to
each moment of music being emmited from
my speakers.
What I mean to say is that, while indeed
there is much time, thought, effort and
joy put into his material, the speed at which
he can produce utterly jaw-dropping
tracks, albeit unfinished, it astonishing
to say the least.

This album is a testament to
Andy's superb and superior
skill in production form.
Always perfecting his sound to
accomodate his particular mood, his
styles have a tendency to jump around
from luciously minimal to insanely
programmed, using his love for
IDM and electronic music in general
as a substantial base for his production.

should you feel yourself looking for
that one, all inspiring or heart string-pulling
melody, Andy can provide.
In the mood for something a little more
up-beat with some old school hip-hop flava?
Rest assured that culvre is the source.
thinking about just saying "fuck it" and
getting down and dirty with that all-important
mind warping percussion? Monsoir AC
will always deliver!
How else do you want me to say it??
culvre is precisely what the doctor
ordered, no matter what your
perscription may be.

proc exists for this sole purpose...
to completely change your perception
on what music can or should be.
to provide it free of charge,
no strings attached and
to remain as underground
as humanly possible.
Whether it's the finest in noise, ambient,
acid, or IDM, proc has it.
and this time, culvre gives us 5 reasons
to smile.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011



the time has arrived to demonstrate
true underground noise potential!!
terminating sound with
production perfection, Noskovolegs
returns to the proc-records
platform as his means for
dissemination of sound to the world!!

this ep is over twenty minutes long
and takes us deep into the heart
of a noise genious.
Seven strong tracks of music, straight
from the heartland of noise, Russia, Noskovolegs
is precisely the type of artist
we need at proc to keep the music alive!
his style can easily take different
forms, especially on this album, where
he amalgamates many different
styles into One constant destructive mess,
relentlessly bombarding the listeners
with true, pure noise!!!!

breakcore, noise, ambient, drone, and
even a few moments of IDM can
be found at random and
various points during this album.
Solid stages of glitched white-noise
provide a base of sound, while he
uses the other forms of music to fill in
the moments of silence
with intense, straight to your head sound.

noskovolegs has been with proc for quite a while,
nearly since 2008, and during these
years he has continued to please
our audience with a wide-scope and
broad mind for music.
Always providing superb-quality
noise and a profound love for
other forms of electronic music, Noskov's
presence on proc has certainly been a
pleasant experience.

Get this album, play it loud, and
keep true to noise!!!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011



moving back into the experimental
aspect, our next release is from our newest
member of the proc-rec family, 6pyt.
hailing from (you guessed it), Russia,
this artist makes a very lasting first impression
with his dark and disturbing
debut release.

Not much is known about 6pyt.
I'm informed he creates a wide variety
of music, which includes but is not limited to
chiptune, N and M (noise and melody),
harsh experimental , among others.
His list of other releases is still unknown to me,
although rest assured that once I find out, I will
DEFINITELY be downloading everything he
has created!!!

This album is an eight-track
work of art.
The music builds up quickly and finishes
just as fast, using elements of briefly
exploding white noise, insane percussion
segments, very intelligent melody parts
and even a few powerful basslines
(track five, max, is a perfect
representation of these musical
elements combined in one piece!)

At proc, I strive to make certain
that I am only releasing the most
highly experimental music available.
Sometimes, however, the music finds ME first,
and it makes my task alot easier!
6pyt is a simply amazing artist
and, not to brag, but I can't imagine
this album being released anywhere else.
It is pure proc-rec material.


Sunday, January 16, 2011



shifting our focus a little bit
from the experimental
and noise aspects of music, the
pure and genuine styles of
the infamous Pollux is a refreshing
release indeed!

Much like the previous release, proc414,
this album is also a co-work
venture, featuring pollux
with two very distinctive musical
the first part is with an artist
known as Deftrax, who has released
on such labels like Industrial Noise Records,
& Night Terror Recordings.
When joined with Pollux, his sound
produces a much harsher aspect of
sound, while Pollux takes his very ambient
and landscape approach
to make an interesting combination
of sound.
in essence, it's two sides of the same coin.

The other person featured on this
release is a lady known
only to me as The Green Kobold.
From my understanding, she is a French
poet and vocalist.
Her soft-spoken words and
warm, comforting voice add a certain
level of comfort and food for the soul, while
once again Pollux is able to provide
some really nice and calming mellow beats
to layer over the voice, creating a
very nice trip-hop piece.

the two remaining tracks are Pollux as his solo
project, wth an ambient interlude selection as
the second track of this album, and
the final piece being a remarkable rendition of
a personal favorite track of
mine from Aphex twin, rhubarb.

Pollux has been remarkably active with
music the past few months, and both
proc and 4m@ have been truly blessed
lately with his presence in the
underground sound community.
as a person who truly appreciates music, this
album should I say....a crucial chapter
in the Pollux musical library.
On it, we truly hear his fondness for ambient,
his appreciation for hardcore electronica, his
dedication to the scene and his overall love of

this is a great album to help
re-center your universe, and demands
full attentiveness when being played.

a quick download can provide years
of enjoyment :)




at a time when the music world has
seemed to turn it's back on a whole
generation of listeners, proc
continues to battle the boredom of
poorly generated audio being cooked
and force-fed by the pop-industry.
taking the advanced minds of the planet
down to a place deeply rooted in the underground,
proc has become a fortress in the battle
of pure artistic freedom, and helping
to lead the fight is none other than
General Mike from Omaha, USA, who
operates almost exclusively under
his alias of Army Of 2600!!!

yes, ladies and gentlemen, AO2600
has returned to proc-rec with yet another
musical ally, I Make Babies Cry.
Mike's fervent efforts to incorporate
new talent to the proc family
has proved effective on every
attempt, and this new addition is no different.

while AO2600's basic sound
elements are readily apparent
throughout the album, IMBC demonstrates
some truly epic sound creation/manipulation
of their own.
adding elements of harsh noise and
various other effects like distortion, delay,
phaser(?) among others, the two
projects form like Voltron and
mix their material together tet a tet ,
without drowing each other out with
their respective parts.
all in all, this is a remarkably well rounded album,
easily digestable in one sitting, but
by no means requiring one listen to be effective.
this is the sort of album to take with you
on your portable media device
(though please, not an iPod. Brittany Spears uses one...),
wherever life may take you.
The Chilling chords in "fireworld" are sure
to add ample mood to any situation ;)

Now, being a pacifist of sorts, I hate fighting.
Unless, of course it is fighting for something I truly
believe in, music being towards the
top of the list.
Mike delivers progress and perfection
with each and every album, regardless
of where his sounds may be heard
(though we prefer them at proc as often as possible!).
Once again choosing his
comrads wisely, AO2600 and IMBC
have certainly caught my attention.
make no mistake, proc is here to stay, and
we have just fired our weapons of mass audio.
prepare yourself if you can!!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011



the cold winter months are still
quite prevalent here in the USA, especially
here in Toledo, Ohio, (proc's homebase)
where we have been hit fairly hard
with snow and very very
far below freezing temperatures.
fortunately for the people who like quality
experimental music, proc has just recently
obtained some new material from a
guy known only as Dairyola.

Hailing from Maryland, USA, Dairyola's refreshing
experimental style of noise-production is a
tribute to what can be accomplished
through utter simplicity.
Each of the albums four tracks contain the same
basic elements, and build with
relatively the same basic principle.
minimalistic modulation and
frequency/reso adjustments are what
propel these movements of audio into
the proper direction.

The album as a whole is a highly spacious and
dark journey through some compellingly complex
landscapes, and can be heard more directly on
the second track, which brings
to the table a whole plethora of various effects,
(among other things), but essentially
sums up the entire thoughts of all
by diversifying itself constantly through
it's simple yet effective changes.

all in all, this is a great introduction album
to those of you who may not have been familiar
with this artist before, including myself!
it has certainly left a lasting impression on me,
and due to it's high replay-value, I've had
the pleasure of listening deeply to this album
on multiple occasions.

if you're on the lookout for
an album with complete rhythm abandonment,
then look no further!






2011 is moving along rather swiftly
already, and with proc once again
at the forefront of the musical
distribution movement, I am proud
to announce the release of one of
our long-time supporters of the
project, the musical heroine known
only as Arxo!

hailing from Russia, a nation well
known around proc-rec for being
quite active in the experimental
and noise movements, Arxo's
much anticipated sounds are
a welcomed treat indeed for
people with ears hungry for such
remarkable audio degradation!

to add seven is an album produced
like no other from this artist.
a distinct removal from her traditional
techniques, she advances her
skills to much more
intruiging aspects of creation.
tracks like c-hgjbgb are
prime examples of Arxo successfuly
combining the many facets of
drone, experimental, glitch and noise
all into one composition, while
added a type of DJ feel through
the use and manipulation of
various sample regiments.
The entire album is much like this and
takes on a very heartfelt approach to
what music and emotion become when

as the year progresses, so will proc and
the rest of the underground.
Having Arxo's music with us, nothing
can stop us!!!






kicking off the new year, we
introduce the debut release
(on proc) from one of
toledo, ohio's very own soundboy's,
Robotic Joe!!!!!

Since I first met joe in person over
a year or so ago, I had admired his
production styles.
With a seemingly endless library of
hodge-podge samples, Joey
cuts, chops, slices and dices his
brief moments of audio into something
else entirely.
What might have been a 3 second
sample of a child singing while picking
flowers next to a stream, joe could
easily turn into a 12 minute sample
of a zombie eating a child next to a
nuclear powerplant during World War 3!
I know, that's a bit of a strange example,
but then again, nothing about
Joe's music is completely sane itself.

this particular album is, without a doubt,
his most experimental establishment
thus far .
By abandoning any sort of structure or
consistent rhythm, the tracks
soon become an amalgamation of
destroyed samples, hard drillin' bass
and un-duplicatable synth melodies.

As I mentioned before, this
is Robotic Joe's
very first solo release
on proc-records.
while having been showcased
on a handful
of our compilations, Joe has also
released an impressive
catalog of equally fresh
and intelligent audio
on proc's sister-label, the glorious Splatterfunk
which is ran by Richard Naugle, aka

This album requires an un-precedented
amount of attention and should not just
simply be played in the background
while you do other things, unless
of course you dont mind a little
chaos in your tasks :D
But, however you choose to listen
to this album, always
keep in mind that there is
always someone out there who is
crazier than you!

coming to you STRAIGHT from
the underground, proc-records is
proud to announce the release
of an album which was made by a man
who's love for music and life in general
ranks among the highest I've encountered.

thanks Joe, nice to
finally have something from you here!

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




today is the day after we
celebrate Christmas.
and, depending on which part
of the world you're from,
you may be experiencing
some seasonably cold
temperatures, maybe
even some snow!
but regardless of the
temperature, music
still plays an important role
in all of our lives, and
there is alot of music in
the world today which
is too distracting to enjoy.
please allow proc to
re-introduce to you
a type of album from
an artist I admire
very much...a piano
release from Razxca!

recorded in his usual direct-to-tape,
no editing, impulse
style, razxca transforms
the silence into
complete beauty through
the stroke of a few
piano keys.
taking advantage of your
attention and the fleeting
moments of silence between
the melodic notes,
razxca allows your mind
and soul to digest the
musical tones he plays.

Similar to his piano releases in
the past, this ep
is structured around a single piece,
perfect in length
and volume, this dark piece
is a demonstration
of how cruel the world
can be at times.
starting out with a positive
feel, the piece
slowly becomes more bleak in
a very depressive fasion and
soon ends abruptly
as if to indicate the
loss of something
special or important.

I have always admired Razxca's
ability to alter a particular
mood or thought into
something completelty different
and take a very strong
yet quite different perspective
on something that
other people might not
notice or ever concieve.
Razxca has proven
on many occasions
to be a musical and visual
revolutionary and has
been a considerable asset
to what proc-rec strives to

I welcome everyone to simply
pause for a moment in their lives
and to simply sit down and listen
to this album.




heralding the end of a month, and nearly
of an entire year of quality music, one of proc's
longest standing sound-components from
oversea's has re-invented himself and
his sound, taking his style
to the digital playground and giving it to
the world!
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Carfil, aka
Thomas Meier, has returned to proc
with his latest release of epic melody,
perfect percussion, and
ritualistic minimalistic expertise.

Donning the alias of Steuker, Thomas
uses similar proceedures of past albums
in an effort to generate something new and
With what seems to be like much crisper and
sharper rhythm sequences, he advances
his tracks in such a way that both
melody and percussion coincide to create
sound with a soul, not merely pieces
of audio which are like
ghosts...empty, half-hearted
beats that do nothing but make noise.
The careful consideration that went
into not only composing these pieces,
but into desiging and conceptualizing this album
is apparent throughout it's runtime.
The tracks move from one to another with
seemless ingenuity, moving as a well-oiled machine.

This is a very exciting album, with many new
ideas and thoughts bearing fruit.
Thomas has been with proc for a very long time,
featured on many of our compilations,
not to mention on various other netlabels as well!.
His sound has always been dominant in my mind, and I
always anticipate new music from him.
This is a fantastic album for both new listerners of
his work, and also for people who may be virgins to
his style.
either way, dont pass this album up!!!




although quite young in age, proc
has amassed an
impressive encyclopedia
of audio, in addition
to establishing itself as one
of the critical components
to the alternative electronic
underground music scene.
embracing the intense
counter-culteral movement,
in many aspects, via the
stylings of noise proc
has time and again demonstrated
the importance of disseminating
crucial releases ,much like this one,
to the masses, completely
free of cost to the listener.

having been a fan of noise for many
years, and more importantly the ambient
and drone aspects of it, I am pleased
to finally release this album
after many in-depth listening sessions.
A heavy focus upon destructive layers of
deep non-rhythm, re-enforced with
raucous melodic fragments are what
propel these remixed pieces of bliss into
something much more heartfelt and
down to earth.

I am, however, a bit picky
when it comes to noise-album remixes.
I look for things that
go beyond someone simply
jacking up the volume to some insane
level, adding nothing but
solid walls of white noise, time-stretching
the original track and slapping
some crazy title in parentheses
at the end of the track name.
Unfortunately, this is a
common occurance at proc as I'm sure
it is at other fine and reputable netlabels
We handpick our submissions carefully to
make sure our listeners are satisfied
with what they hear :D

BOF's remix is a full-bodied trip into a world
found on "the other side of the coin",
musically speaking.
deep ambiance is felt at every moment
of the piece, while faint drones are heard
of in the distance, providing a very un-settling
and industrial sound.

the second track, re-done by an artist known as
Norss starts out in very much the same
way as the track prior, although it soon becomes
a much more brutal
and direct noise tune as
it's relatively calming nature trades places
with high pitched line of
pulsating static.
while I have unfortunately not had
the pleasure of hearing the original
recordings, if it is anything as good as this
album is (which is probably a safe bet!),
then I could certainly see myself
sinking my teeth into it quite

As always, with noise, it certainly will not appeal
to everyone, although due to the relatively
mild and exceedingly professional nature of
these remixes, it should cater to the specific
requirements which we all place on our musical
experiences from time to time.

Do NOT pass this one up!


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