Thursday, January 20, 2011



people could learn alot
from my pal Andy Culver,
or "culvre", as the he has been
operating under for the past decade+ .
I say this because as I sit
here, just home from work, drinking a beer
and trying to unwind from yet another
day devoted to earning a
paycheck as opposed to brushing
up on my musical skills, I try
to wrap my mind around the sheer skill
and expertise he applies to
each moment of music being emmited from
my speakers.
What I mean to say is that, while indeed
there is much time, thought, effort and
joy put into his material, the speed at which
he can produce utterly jaw-dropping
tracks, albeit unfinished, it astonishing
to say the least.

This album is a testament to
Andy's superb and superior
skill in production form.
Always perfecting his sound to
accomodate his particular mood, his
styles have a tendency to jump around
from luciously minimal to insanely
programmed, using his love for
IDM and electronic music in general
as a substantial base for his production.

should you feel yourself looking for
that one, all inspiring or heart string-pulling
melody, Andy can provide.
In the mood for something a little more
up-beat with some old school hip-hop flava?
Rest assured that culvre is the source.
thinking about just saying "fuck it" and
getting down and dirty with that all-important
mind warping percussion? Monsoir AC
will always deliver!
How else do you want me to say it??
culvre is precisely what the doctor
ordered, no matter what your
perscription may be.

proc exists for this sole purpose...
to completely change your perception
on what music can or should be.
to provide it free of charge,
no strings attached and
to remain as underground
as humanly possible.
Whether it's the finest in noise, ambient,
acid, or IDM, proc has it.
and this time, culvre gives us 5 reasons
to smile.


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