Monday, January 17, 2011



moving back into the experimental
aspect, our next release is from our newest
member of the proc-rec family, 6pyt.
hailing from (you guessed it), Russia,
this artist makes a very lasting first impression
with his dark and disturbing
debut release.

Not much is known about 6pyt.
I'm informed he creates a wide variety
of music, which includes but is not limited to
chiptune, N and M (noise and melody),
harsh experimental , among others.
His list of other releases is still unknown to me,
although rest assured that once I find out, I will
DEFINITELY be downloading everything he
has created!!!

This album is an eight-track
work of art.
The music builds up quickly and finishes
just as fast, using elements of briefly
exploding white noise, insane percussion
segments, very intelligent melody parts
and even a few powerful basslines
(track five, max, is a perfect
representation of these musical
elements combined in one piece!)

At proc, I strive to make certain
that I am only releasing the most
highly experimental music available.
Sometimes, however, the music finds ME first,
and it makes my task alot easier!
6pyt is a simply amazing artist
and, not to brag, but I can't imagine
this album being released anywhere else.
It is pure proc-rec material.


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