Saturday, January 15, 2011



kicking off the new year, we
introduce the debut release
(on proc) from one of
toledo, ohio's very own soundboy's,
Robotic Joe!!!!!

Since I first met joe in person over
a year or so ago, I had admired his
production styles.
With a seemingly endless library of
hodge-podge samples, Joey
cuts, chops, slices and dices his
brief moments of audio into something
else entirely.
What might have been a 3 second
sample of a child singing while picking
flowers next to a stream, joe could
easily turn into a 12 minute sample
of a zombie eating a child next to a
nuclear powerplant during World War 3!
I know, that's a bit of a strange example,
but then again, nothing about
Joe's music is completely sane itself.

this particular album is, without a doubt,
his most experimental establishment
thus far .
By abandoning any sort of structure or
consistent rhythm, the tracks
soon become an amalgamation of
destroyed samples, hard drillin' bass
and un-duplicatable synth melodies.

As I mentioned before, this
is Robotic Joe's
very first solo release
on proc-records.
while having been showcased
on a handful
of our compilations, Joe has also
released an impressive
catalog of equally fresh
and intelligent audio
on proc's sister-label, the glorious Splatterfunk
which is ran by Richard Naugle, aka

This album requires an un-precedented
amount of attention and should not just
simply be played in the background
while you do other things, unless
of course you dont mind a little
chaos in your tasks :D
But, however you choose to listen
to this album, always
keep in mind that there is
always someone out there who is
crazier than you!

coming to you STRAIGHT from
the underground, proc-records is
proud to announce the release
of an album which was made by a man
who's love for music and life in general
ranks among the highest I've encountered.

thanks Joe, nice to
finally have something from you here!

NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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