Saturday, January 15, 2011



heralding the end of a month, and nearly
of an entire year of quality music, one of proc's
longest standing sound-components from
oversea's has re-invented himself and
his sound, taking his style
to the digital playground and giving it to
the world!
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, Carfil, aka
Thomas Meier, has returned to proc
with his latest release of epic melody,
perfect percussion, and
ritualistic minimalistic expertise.

Donning the alias of Steuker, Thomas
uses similar proceedures of past albums
in an effort to generate something new and
With what seems to be like much crisper and
sharper rhythm sequences, he advances
his tracks in such a way that both
melody and percussion coincide to create
sound with a soul, not merely pieces
of audio which are like
ghosts...empty, half-hearted
beats that do nothing but make noise.
The careful consideration that went
into not only composing these pieces,
but into desiging and conceptualizing this album
is apparent throughout it's runtime.
The tracks move from one to another with
seemless ingenuity, moving as a well-oiled machine.

This is a very exciting album, with many new
ideas and thoughts bearing fruit.
Thomas has been with proc for a very long time,
featured on many of our compilations,
not to mention on various other netlabels as well!.
His sound has always been dominant in my mind, and I
always anticipate new music from him.
This is a fantastic album for both new listerners of
his work, and also for people who may be virgins to
his style.
either way, dont pass this album up!!!


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