Saturday, January 15, 2011



although quite young in age, proc
has amassed an
impressive encyclopedia
of audio, in addition
to establishing itself as one
of the critical components
to the alternative electronic
underground music scene.
embracing the intense
counter-culteral movement,
in many aspects, via the
stylings of noise proc
has time and again demonstrated
the importance of disseminating
crucial releases ,much like this one,
to the masses, completely
free of cost to the listener.

having been a fan of noise for many
years, and more importantly the ambient
and drone aspects of it, I am pleased
to finally release this album
after many in-depth listening sessions.
A heavy focus upon destructive layers of
deep non-rhythm, re-enforced with
raucous melodic fragments are what
propel these remixed pieces of bliss into
something much more heartfelt and
down to earth.

I am, however, a bit picky
when it comes to noise-album remixes.
I look for things that
go beyond someone simply
jacking up the volume to some insane
level, adding nothing but
solid walls of white noise, time-stretching
the original track and slapping
some crazy title in parentheses
at the end of the track name.
Unfortunately, this is a
common occurance at proc as I'm sure
it is at other fine and reputable netlabels
We handpick our submissions carefully to
make sure our listeners are satisfied
with what they hear :D

BOF's remix is a full-bodied trip into a world
found on "the other side of the coin",
musically speaking.
deep ambiance is felt at every moment
of the piece, while faint drones are heard
of in the distance, providing a very un-settling
and industrial sound.

the second track, re-done by an artist known as
Norss starts out in very much the same
way as the track prior, although it soon becomes
a much more brutal
and direct noise tune as
it's relatively calming nature trades places
with high pitched line of
pulsating static.
while I have unfortunately not had
the pleasure of hearing the original
recordings, if it is anything as good as this
album is (which is probably a safe bet!),
then I could certainly see myself
sinking my teeth into it quite

As always, with noise, it certainly will not appeal
to everyone, although due to the relatively
mild and exceedingly professional nature of
these remixes, it should cater to the specific
requirements which we all place on our musical
experiences from time to time.

Do NOT pass this one up!


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