Thursday, August 12, 2010



sorry, I have left this blog
un-attended for so long.
I had been having a few issues
with uploading album cover-art
and therefore have relied upon
people simply checking the
primary page for release updates.

proc400 is soon upon us and
it makes me wonder how proc
ever got as big as it has over
the past few years.
the dedication from the artists
to this underground sound movement
has been uncanny and i truly appreciate
the efforts of all those
who continue to be such a pivotal
force on this scene.

with the release of proc400, I will
continue to be accepting submissions,
however, there are a few side-projects
which I must also take care of.
this may slightly slow the release
process of proc slightly, although
it shouldn't last long.
please be understanding in this
time-limited days.


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