Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today, America celebrates it's independance.
yep, it's July 4th here in the USA, and
while everyone here is drinking beer and
blowing stuff up, I'm celebrating
independance in a slightly different way
(but the beer is still included! haha)

Independance is something we should
value greatly here in the underground.
Due to the vast capability of the internet,
talented people from all corners of the planet
have been able to come together
and share their crazy sounds without
having to deal with corporate mega-sound
agencies who force-feed the brainless
mASSes with generic, run-of-the-mill
garbage day after day.

One such agent in the war on terrible music
is toxic chicken, who has single-handedly
done astonishing and very positive things
for the underground sound-movement.
Taking the proc250 compilation
and remixing it into a danceable
techno album is such a genuine
idea, it could have only come from
Kai (toxic chicken).
It's people like him who make my job
of running a reputable netlabel
so refreshing and fun.
showcasing artists like Mr.Dee, Microbit Project,
VWT, Pollux, Endometrium cuntplow, and
Flat affect, this one-track 80kbps
mix set is pure genious wrapped
up in a zip file!!!

I would like to give a huge thank you
to everyone down here in the underground
(FUNderground? lol)
who are making music simply for the
sake of making music, and especially
to Toxic Chicken, without whom
this compilation would not have been possible,
nor would our netlabel scene be quite
as unique.



8 Ravens said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!

proc-rec said...

is exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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