Monday, June 28, 2010



the past two years or so have seen
a large amount of albums from Sascha Müller,
most of which have been DJ-appropriate
in almost any occasion and have been a
total of two, sometimes three (the third
track was usually a remix) tracks
which revolved around a particular theme.
More often than not, this theme was packing
a dancefloor full of people and
watching their bodies move to the voluptuous
kicks, snares, and high hats.

Sascha's music always delivers
premium quality sound, and with
proc-rec, that is precisely what I hope to

The album opens with a track that
takes a little while to build up completely,
although the final product is well worth the wait
simply because he transforms a simple techno
beat into something much more profound
and meaningful.
layering sharp-edged crispy basslines and
even sharper lead synths over the beat, he
moves the track in the proper direction.

The first track ends abruptly and
moves us right into the second piece, which
takes off very quickly and maintaines the
speed and level throughout.
Black is my personal favorite track on
the album, and is also one of the best tracks ive
witnessed from Sascha in a long time.
It seems to go back to the roots
of the early days of DJ techno and what better
person to do that than Sascha Müller!!!!

as always, this release is a must-have from
proc AND sascha
(the man who needs no introduction whatsoever!!!)


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