Wednesday, June 9, 2010



a brand new album being released on proc
which was given to me by my good friend
Microbit Project is precisely the reason
I am overjoyed with writing this note.

While proc-rec doesnt necessarily
focus on one particular aspect of
electronic music, I tend to be
more profoundly interested in releasing
dark ambient, noise, drone, and
heavily experimental audio, as opposed to
strictly dance music.
This latest EP is definitely the type of
sound I appreciate most (:
Microbit Project has a very extensive
career on the underground music scene.
He operates a very busy blogspot which
showcases all of the latest and most up-to-date
low bitrate music news, while also
operating multiple netlabels and
making music under
his various aliases...trulya busy man!!
and a talented man, as well!!!!!

While I thoroughly enjoy all of his music,
this album might become my personal
favorite of his entire work, simply because it
is so minimal, dark, mysterious and
very, very experimental.
Taking the listener on a vast journey
into the unknown, Evgenij has created a
landscape of deep sound which encompasses
your entire thought process and bombards
it with continuous simplicity.

This is an album which I have listened
to on multiple
occasions before I finally
decided to release
it and with each time
of new listening, I find
something new about it
that I enjoy!!
and even with the low bitrate encoding, the
track still is remarkably clear and perfect.

Microbit Project hasnt released
with proc in a while, although I am very pleased
to have him back and willing to give us
such a unique and proper album!

with much respect to Evgenij, I am proud
to finally release...


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