Thursday, June 3, 2010



my time this evening is pretty short,
although i felt the desire to once
again hit the web and release
some fantastic new music from
an artist that proc-rec hasn't
heard from in a very long time,
Strawberry Milkshake Inc,
although for this
album he has chosen his
new alias of Cock 7 as a way
to move away from his older
material and enter a new
realm of sound production (:

While I dont really know a whole
lot about this particular
artist, I do know a few
crucial things like... he's from
the great country of Russia... and I
really enjoy his music!!

This album is a 4-track ep of
some seriously hard-hitters geared
up, primed and ready to go!
the tracks are very beat-oriented,
with a heavy emphasis on
extremely crunchy distortion and
rhythmic intuitiveness.
all 4 tracks are encoded to 320
kbps and are all in mp3 encoding.

It's easy to see
that Russia truly has a strong
grip on the electronic music scene
by providing the underground
with artists like this.
This album is durable little package
of some exquisitely hardcore tracks
and doesnt take up much space
at all on an mp3 player.
If you're a DJ who's planning
on playing some really deep tracks
to get the party jumping, be sure
to bring this along and watch the crowd
go wild!!

enjoy the sounds!!!


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