Saturday, June 19, 2010



even at the very begining stages of
proc's life, it has been a label where
many artists have jump-started their musical
career on (and off) the netlabel scene.
Artists like Qygen, Spacecraft, The Gemini Lounge Orchestra,
Micron, (and countless others), are just a few
examples of artists who
have decided to go underground
and release on a global
platform, demonstrating their unique
sounds and talents through
a method which promotes creativity
simply by restricting...restrictiveness!
This next release is from just such a fella.
Using his alias of bUScITRA , Adrian McCann
(who hails from the US) has for the first
time entered the underground music scene
by allowing proc to release his debut album.

While quite brief in runtime, this album
packs a definite wallop of
hardcore dancefloor sound.
Adrian follows a similar theme throughout
the entire length of this album by
extensively using glitched and spliced
vocal patterns, layering simple, yet effective,
drum sequences very thick over them, then
peppers in some nice little melodic textures
into the mix, simply for good measure.

This is some truly unique work, however, and
much like with any other form of sound, it may not
appeal to everyone.
For example, things such as the slightly provocative
track titles, heavy usage of glitched vocality
and the hardcore style of the drum patterns
may have a tendency to make a few people
However, I have made it a personal goal
of mine to make sure that only the most
original music gets released on proc, and, only
by people who are willing to push the limits
of their own minds and skills and experiment
with an art-form which has such an
incredable diversity, not only from
coast to coast or from country to country,
but by person to person and album to album as well.

As Adrian's skills as an artist continue
to develop and evolve, I will be paying close
attention to his latest material, wherever
it may be that he chooses to release it.

I am pleased to announce not only the newest
member of the proc-rec familiy, but also
the newest ep on proc...



8 Ravens said...

looks like Combichrist (genre is TBM - Techno Body Music), verry nice)

Adrian McCann said...

aw thank you very much!

proc-rec said...


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