Thursday, July 31, 2008


+artist_-_Lee_Roseve,_Sascha Müller,_culvre,_c4

by definition, ataxia means "loss of full control of bodily movements", which
is sorta the theme I was going for on this
particular compilation release.
However, this isnt just another compilation split release.
Enclosed within this .zip document you downloaded are
four (very ambient) tracks from four highly respected and
equally dedicated artists.

The first artist is Lee Rosevere.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on a variety of
different sound-based endeavors.
Having shared releases on both Happy Puppy records and proc-rec,
not to mention collaborating on a few other compilations
(including a split-cassette also soon to be released here at proc-rec!),
it's pretty safe to say that Lee and I have worked
together "a time or two".

The second artist is Sascha Müller.
I am a huge fan of Sascha's work, and
have been for quite some time.
I've paid close attention to his work for a few years
and he never ceases to amaze me with his always-fresh
sounds and willingness to get involved on almost any project.
Not to mention he never seems to slow down!
This guy has a TON of music out there both for free download
and to purchase.
Having him release on proc-rec certainly has tremendous
positive impact.

And finally, Andy Culver.
I've had the privelage of knowing Andy for almost eight years now.
We've worked together, attended school together, and have simply
shot the shit on many occasions.
In addition to being one of my best friends, he is yet another
artist who is exploding with musical talent,.
Andy is someone who I highly respect both on and off the music scene
and his track "holes" is a very appropriate way to round out this release.

So, for me to say that I'm pleased to see this release
finally come together is an understatement.
This is ambient electronica at its finest composed by some
stand-up gentleman.

and dont be afraid to just close your eyes and let the audio
take your mind to a whole different state of conciousness.

without further delay, I bring you...

Lee_Roseve,_Sascha Müller,_culvre,_c4_-_ataxia



The netlabel scene has alot of talent to offer.
proc-rec is an excellent example of that.
But a recent friendship with one netlabel in particular immediately
prompted a collaboration and release!

While this isnt the first time I've done a split release with
endometrium cuntplow (see [TFN087] ) it IS our first
one on one split release with each other, and one
that I am exceedingly proud to release.

Endometrium Cuntplow is a very diverse artist based out
of california who also runs a rather prolific netlabel
of his own called Love Torture Records.

This release features two tracks (one from each of us)
that fit the genre's of ambient, drone, noise experimental.
They also both have a dark, damp and chilly feel to them, so be
prepared to go on a wild of sound.

Im not quite sure what else to say about these pieces because,
essentially, the music speaks for itself.
However, I would like to humbly thank EC for being
so cooperative, open-minded, and enthusiastic to venture
on this project with me.
This is hopefully only the first of many, many split releases
with him.
(both here at proc-rec and elsewhere!)

The time has come for me to bring this linear note to an end, and not
a moment too soon.
There are more pressing issues to take care of at the moment...
like playing this release!!

enjoy :)




all throughout my life I have heard (and used) the term
"patience is a virtue".
While sometimes the anticipation of waiting for something
can almost seem unbearable, the fact is
that once it finally happens, it is typically well-worth
the wait.

I started out these linear notes on that particular subject because
it usually seems like forever since Carfil's last release with us
but once a new one finally arrives, all I can think of is when
I can get the oppurtunity to release it so that everyone else who has
a computer with internet access and downloads music can enjoy
the great music as much as I do!

In my honest and heartfelt opinion, this release is carfil's
best release with us so far!!!
A very dance-floor friendly ep, EP1
has precisely the correct amount of volume, percussion, melody
and bass to fill in each and every second of sound.

All of these tracks are gorgeous in their own way.
Careful execution of melody fixated over
carfil's signature drum sequences had me hooked from
the very beginning.
However, my favorite track on this release is the fourth piece, "grey".
That song is a true old-school ravers anthem.

Do not delay any further.
Give this impeccable ep a spin at any group function
and prepare to see not only yourself, but everyone else
getting bustin' loose, hitting the dance floor
and getting fuuuuunky!!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008



the one country that seems to just be FULL of electronic
music talent.
proc-records has had countless artists from the
massive nation release within its borders, and
we are once again proud to have another debut artist from
that location!!

Yoko Absorbing recently sent us this LP (along with one other),
and from the time I recieved it until now, it has been
on my mind.
Very much a noise release (in the strongest sense of the word),
it has a very strong classical-music feel to it.
By that, I mean that one minute sounds are fading away, though still
audible, and then suddenly erupt into a
loud barrage that continues briefly then quiets down again.

(does that make any sense?)

Anyway, even if you dont know how to speak or
read Russian, music is the universal language and
this release is sure to be understood by many people, especially
those who enjoy a good sound-art release such as this!

What immediately caught my attention about this release
(aside from the obvious)
is how smoothly and seamlessly the tracks flow from
one to another, and how crisp and clear these pieces
sound even at 128kbps.

All in all, this is a great little debut release.
Yoko Absorbing is a fresh face around proc-rec,
and im sure we will be having the honor and privilage
to release much more music of his .

dim the lights and get comfortable.
you're about to enjoy...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008



After much anticipation, XENOCATS second solo release with
proc-rec is now available for free download and
maximum enjoyment!

An EP which has not only met, but exceed all
hopes and expectations, THE ANCIENT SOUNDS OF ARCADIUS
is much, much more than a brand new release by this
US artist.
It is an epic sound journey full of in-your-face action
and show stopping headliner new wave rave anthems!

Highly experimental in every aspect and original beyond comparison,
XENOCATS have the proven ability to deliver the appropriate
beats needed to get not only your attention, but your respect.
This release is much more intense than its predecessor though, so
if you are a first time listener, be forwarned that
you might be thrown right into the middle of something completely

Regardless, this little ep is a certainly a treat for the ears and
is an awesome addition to our already kick-ass catalog
of more free sounds.

Dont be afraid to look up XENOCATS on myspace either!
simply go to
to stay up-to-date on ALL xenocats happenings!!!


Monday, July 28, 2008



the true champion of sound here at proc-rec is Razxca, and
he is back once again with a great release of something
much more intense and crazy than anything that mere instruments
could duplicate.

Well known both for his experimental/noise/musique concrete sounds,
Mikhail has introduced us to a style of audio
that begs an attentive ear!
Using nothing more than human voices, he and his companions
demonstrate a characteristic of sound creation that proc-records has
never before seen or heard.

Truly classic sound poetry!

To underscore just how diverse of a sound creator that Razxca is,
I would like to use this release as an example of his true
artistic capabilities, AND his ability to go in a completely
different direction yet still remain fully creative and interesting!!

It is important to remember that Razxca is much more than
a traditional musician. His original and resourceful
sound methods have placed him in a whole new catagory
of art, and I am pleased to have him with the proc-rec crew.
Words fail me, however, when I try to describe this
release in a practical manner. I've found it to be much more
beneficial for the listener to enjoy the release for themselves
rather than have me explain my gratitude for having
such wonderfull sounds available.

please, dont pass this release up.
Original music is hard to find these days, unless your computers
are surfing the web over to ;)

Nina, Razxca, Alexey...
Thank you for sharing this great
little ep with us!!!


Friday, July 25, 2008



while proc-records is based out of the USA, its seems as though
the majority of our artists, and certainly some of the most talented
have come from Russia.

This time we have a highly experimental + noise release
that also focuses on a very concrete and progressive-noise
What is especially interesting about this release
is that it also could be considered to branch off into
ambient or even minimalism genre's (as you'll notice upon listening).
The album opens with some loud static, pulsating textures, and even
some chilling laughter.

The second piece is a prime example of the minimalistic sounds
I was reffering to.
Very granulated yet soft sounds pan from left to right
as white noise fills both speakers in the same manner.
The third and my personal favorite track on this release is
extremely chilling and dark.
Deeply rooted in a very ambient/landscape style, this track offers the listener
(especially those who are unfamiliar with this particuler genre)
an oppurtunity to live deeply in the present, letting the cares
of the world slip through their fingers and allowing
them to reach an un-paralelled state of conciousness,
one that is certainly not easy to obtain!!

From here, I shall leave you to enjoy the release for yourself.
If you happen to like this release, please dont hesitate to
tell Yoko Absorbing how you feel!
Drop him a line on myspace and congradulate him on
such an impressive collection of works!!

proc-records is pleased to introduce for the first time
in our catalog...
a debut release from...


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Josstintimberlake (or JT for short) has been around
the scene for while.
Based out of the UK, he has has notable outputs
on labels like, gainlad, and abulia concepts!

Oh, yeah...he has a couple releases with us as well ;)

Anyway, this micro-raving champion of the chip-tune
world recently teamed up with another artist, known as Jellica
(northam, Future Komp) to produce this wonderful
VERY lowbit album that, simply said, fucking rocks!!

Nearly two-hours worth of precious audio compressed down to
8kbps, 8khz prove that great music still sounds
great, regardless of the bitrate.
After hearing this release, my appreciation for JT's work
(and my newfound appreciation for Jellica) only becomes

This release is very techno/acid/chiptune oriented and
with the exceptionally low bitrate added into the mix
providing a low-fidelity feel, a sort of classic or old-school
feel is apparent.

Be forewarned, this release isnt for everyone (sadly).
Many people out in the scene are real assholes when it comes
to bitrates and what they feel should be the lowest
bitrate music should be encoded to.
to them I say "bite me".
to everyone else, please enjoy a
truly classic release that, in my opinion, is JT's strongest output yet.
And with Jellica now included in the proc-rec
artist list, I can only hope that this will be the beginning
of many more releases from both.

Please join in me celebrating another great release
free of charge ;)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

proc-rec gets physical!!!


proc-rec, which primarily is a net-label, is already putting
together it's very first physical release!

Available both on cassette and file format (WAV) , this
very ambient split-release features a piece from both
Lee Rosevere and c4 (Adam Crammond) titled
"gelwaz" which is a sub-derived word meaning

However, due to limited resources and time, there
will only be twenty-five (25) cassettes created.
Ideally, I would like to start making limited-run physical releases
a little more commonplace around proc-rec, along with
having the ability to download the releases for free
through the regular proc-rec catalog at

this cassette is still currently in production and should be
completed by august 3, 2008.
I'm still debating how to effectively distribute them,
though if you send me an email with an address
to mail it out to, along with how many you would like
(please, no more than 2 per household!!) Im sure that
would be the best method for the time being.

As proc-rec continues to grow,
our commitment to audio and art is
always a top priority.
We shall always remain a net-label, but
even the best free music shouldn't be limited
to file formats.
if we happen to receive a demo that we would
rather have released either on cdr and/or cassette,
we will ask to release it as such.

in the meantime, please remain active and well informed
about proc-rec, its artists and the music they release.
there are alot of options out there, and we
appreciate you choosing us.

remember...NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



As our netlabel plugs right along, we open our arms
and minds to our newest pool of talent from abroad, 8bit brothers.
With a musical style quite similar to another of proc-rec's
chiptune artists (carfil), these guys
dont just make chiptune...they make GREAT chiptune (as you'll
no doubt notice upon listening!)

This little ep, which contains two solid tracks, is the cullmination
of minimal chiptune in conjunction with a very hip-hop
oriented sound.

The first piece, titled "dead city" is a terriffic little
track which keeps a steady 4/4 kick-drum rhythm
while also adding various effects layered over
one another.
Fans of minimal electronica are sure to be pleasantly
suprised with this wonderful audio gem :)

The second piece, "level complete", is an exceptional
little funky breakdown and really demonstrates
the talent that dwells within these gentlemen.
A very heavy and hard-hitting electronic hip-hop
tune, this is an excellent track to bring an already
awesome debut ep to a close.

These guys have done an excellent job, and I am exceedingly
happy that they chose proc-rec as the home for this
They have proven too all of the haters in the world
that chiptune electronica CAN have a massive appeal.

Looking for an awesome, old school sounding release
to bring back those childhood memories??

look no further than....


Monday, July 21, 2008



At proc-rec, we are releasing music faster than
you can say "new artist"!!
go ahead!! try !!

"new ar..."
a brand new release!!
"new arti"
"new artis"
BAM!!! another new one!!

hahaha, okay so maybe its not THAT fast,
but lately, we have been releasing an
ample amount of fresh audi for you guys
to download, enjoy and hang on to.

Re-directing our attention back over to the country of Latvia, this
fresh new release by an artist who is sort of new
to the scene, proc-records is hoping you will
all stay tuned for this gorgeous treasure chest of

This release is a little different than anything we've encountered
before, due to a handlefull of factors, but most
importantly, the sound.

Covering a wide array of styles and genre's, Krakenti
does an excellent job representing his particular sound
by allowing us to get to know him better through
the art of music.
A common theme, however, which is apparent through
the albums entirety is the usage of slightly higher-than-normal
tempo's for what would traditionally be considered an ambient track
(listen to "ride with the wind" for an example)

While the whole album is able to comfortably stand on its own,
the track that i was most fond of was the ninth piece, titled "river".
This is an exceedingly laid-back piece and helps balance
the album out, providing a comfort zone for listeners
who just to need to sit back and chill sometimes B)

This release is a definite keeper.
Please, Join me is giving Krakenti the round of applause
that he deserves!!
You owe it to yourself to give this release every ounce of
attention you can spare!


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