Thursday, July 31, 2008



all throughout my life I have heard (and used) the term
"patience is a virtue".
While sometimes the anticipation of waiting for something
can almost seem unbearable, the fact is
that once it finally happens, it is typically well-worth
the wait.

I started out these linear notes on that particular subject because
it usually seems like forever since Carfil's last release with us
but once a new one finally arrives, all I can think of is when
I can get the oppurtunity to release it so that everyone else who has
a computer with internet access and downloads music can enjoy
the great music as much as I do!

In my honest and heartfelt opinion, this release is carfil's
best release with us so far!!!
A very dance-floor friendly ep, EP1
has precisely the correct amount of volume, percussion, melody
and bass to fill in each and every second of sound.

All of these tracks are gorgeous in their own way.
Careful execution of melody fixated over
carfil's signature drum sequences had me hooked from
the very beginning.
However, my favorite track on this release is the fourth piece, "grey".
That song is a true old-school ravers anthem.

Do not delay any further.
Give this impeccable ep a spin at any group function
and prepare to see not only yourself, but everyone else
getting bustin' loose, hitting the dance floor
and getting fuuuuunky!!


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