Thursday, July 31, 2008


+artist_-_Lee_Roseve,_Sascha Müller,_culvre,_c4

by definition, ataxia means "loss of full control of bodily movements", which
is sorta the theme I was going for on this
particular compilation release.
However, this isnt just another compilation split release.
Enclosed within this .zip document you downloaded are
four (very ambient) tracks from four highly respected and
equally dedicated artists.

The first artist is Lee Rosevere.
I have had the pleasure of working with Lee on a variety of
different sound-based endeavors.
Having shared releases on both Happy Puppy records and proc-rec,
not to mention collaborating on a few other compilations
(including a split-cassette also soon to be released here at proc-rec!),
it's pretty safe to say that Lee and I have worked
together "a time or two".

The second artist is Sascha Müller.
I am a huge fan of Sascha's work, and
have been for quite some time.
I've paid close attention to his work for a few years
and he never ceases to amaze me with his always-fresh
sounds and willingness to get involved on almost any project.
Not to mention he never seems to slow down!
This guy has a TON of music out there both for free download
and to purchase.
Having him release on proc-rec certainly has tremendous
positive impact.

And finally, Andy Culver.
I've had the privelage of knowing Andy for almost eight years now.
We've worked together, attended school together, and have simply
shot the shit on many occasions.
In addition to being one of my best friends, he is yet another
artist who is exploding with musical talent,.
Andy is someone who I highly respect both on and off the music scene
and his track "holes" is a very appropriate way to round out this release.

So, for me to say that I'm pleased to see this release
finally come together is an understatement.
This is ambient electronica at its finest composed by some
stand-up gentleman.

and dont be afraid to just close your eyes and let the audio
take your mind to a whole different state of conciousness.

without further delay, I bring you...

Lee_Roseve,_Sascha Müller,_culvre,_c4_-_ataxia

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