Tuesday, July 22, 2008



As our netlabel plugs right along, we open our arms
and minds to our newest pool of talent from abroad, 8bit brothers.
With a musical style quite similar to another of proc-rec's
chiptune artists (carfil), these guys
dont just make chiptune...they make GREAT chiptune (as you'll
no doubt notice upon listening!)

This little ep, which contains two solid tracks, is the cullmination
of minimal chiptune in conjunction with a very hip-hop
oriented sound.

The first piece, titled "dead city" is a terriffic little
track which keeps a steady 4/4 kick-drum rhythm
while also adding various effects layered over
one another.
Fans of minimal electronica are sure to be pleasantly
suprised with this wonderful audio gem :)

The second piece, "level complete", is an exceptional
little funky breakdown and really demonstrates
the talent that dwells within these gentlemen.
A very heavy and hard-hitting electronic hip-hop
tune, this is an excellent track to bring an already
awesome debut ep to a close.

These guys have done an excellent job, and I am exceedingly
happy that they chose proc-rec as the home for this
They have proven too all of the haters in the world
that chiptune electronica CAN have a massive appeal.

Looking for an awesome, old school sounding release
to bring back those childhood memories??

look no further than....


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